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Descendants Joseph Smith
Posted by kgsdls@aol.com in Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds on April 26, 2021 Views:(261Replies (1)
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Family Search and Geni + others have this family related to Nicholas Smith of Petsworth Parish; however, GP M269-2, does match that family group.  Is there any way possible that Joseph Smith/Jane Cowper and Alexander Smith/Mary Cocke are ancestors of Nicholas?
Posted by smithsworldwide on May 1, 2021 09:11:38 AM  
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A few layers on this. 
1. Reference from William & Mary's Quarterly Vol 10 Nov 3 Jul 1930 "Smiths of Middlesex County, Virginia" in turn references Tyler's Quarterly Volume 2 p 196 that "Alexander Smith is traditionally said to have been a son of Joseph Smith of Bristol and to have had a brother John". Note that there is no specific proof of this in the above article. This is why even though this may possibly be true, we have been calling out for a male Smith YDNA tester who has alleged brother of Alexander, John, in his line  to do a YDNA test. 
2. A couple of the researchers in the Alexander Smith line have looked into this extensively and have found no proof of who Alexander Smith's father is. From Bill Davidson " Y DNA donor (JKT)  Smith spent most of his life researching the Alexander Smith family, and he found no proof of the parents or siblings of Alexander Smith. In addition, Jonathan found no proof that Alexander Smith’s wife was a Cock/Cocke.....period.... So far, no male Smith who is out of the neighboring John Smith and Margaret family has apparently taken the Y DNA test.  Maybe someday.  Even if such a donor were to match Alexander Smith’s family, I am not aware of any proof that Joseph Smith was the  father of John Smith (and still no proof of Alexander’s wife either)."
3. Even if there was proof that Joseph was the father of Alexander, if the person who has Nicholas Smith of Petsworth has added to the Alexander Smith tree on the basis of YDNA (such as another YDNA line son), that person's tree has conflated two different YDNA lines and is not correct. The Alexander Smith group is haplogroup R-M269 and the Nicholas Smith of Middlesex VA group is E-M2. They do NOT match. On the other hand, because Smith is such a prevalent surname, there are a lot of lines where a Smith from one family (and different haplogroup) marries into another Smith line. From an autosomal standpoint, that makes it even more challenging to figure out which Smiths, if any, are matches to a given person. It's also one major reason why YDNA is so great, because it is passed male to male to male and is straightforward. So, IF the tree is a daughter who at some point has a Nicholas Smith descendant intermarried, and there is proof that the Nicholas Smith descendant existed, sources, etc , that can possibly be valid. IF it is that a male Smith descendant of Alexander is said to be a Nicholas Smith descendant, that cannot be.