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New Member- Thomas Smith b 1721 Perquimans NC m Esther Sawyer Leah Smith
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Project Updates on April 7, 2021 Views:(13Replies (0)
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Thomas Smith has 3 children, would like source proof for all; found Cane Creek record for Smith/Chauncey marriage that shows Thomas and Esther Smith as parents.  Daniel Smith b 1743 Orange Co NC, later Chatham County NC m Pleasant Chauncey ; Rachel Smith b 1766 Orange Co NC m William Capps;  and Leah Smith b c 1748 m Benjamin Sanders.. The member is an autosomal tester from Leah Smith Sanders line, that went from Orange Co NC to Chatham Co NC to Grainger Co TN. Because the Smith and Capps family are so closely connected, in Orange Co, Chatham Co and Grainger Co, what i would shed light on this family would be a male 
Smith descendant of Daniel Smith b 1743 who died in 1791 in Chatham Co NC. The 2 main sons of Daniel Smith that may have male Smith descendants are through Thomas Smith m Mary Scott and Daniel Smith m Eva Kime 
Reason why this matters as well is there is another YDNA tester, along with an autosomal tester that believe their descent to be through James Smith b 1700 Perquimans Co NC m Susannah Bond. A male Smith YDNA tester that descends from James Smith b 1700 would be expected to match with the YDNA tester and that includes through Thomas Smith b 1721.