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Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds

Looking for YDNA testers for Robert Smith b 1736 d 1833 Buckingham County VA Robert Smith
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds on March 31, 2021 Views:(254Replies (0)
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Needs to be a male Smith with a line that goes to Robert. If you have done autosomal, you are invited to join as well, as you will see below, we have an autosomal tester to compare against.

3 YDNA testers, 3 tree only, 1 autosomal

Starting here. Robert Smith b c 1736 d c 1833 Buckingham County, Virginia m Elizabeth Hardiman. Children said to be: William b 1758, Thomas b 1760, Robert b 1752, Uriah M Smith b 1754, Jeffery Hardiman b 1767, Samuel 1774 Richard Hardiman b 1779 and Charles b 1779

Line #1 goes from Robert Smith  through Uriah Smith to Cecil Fletcher Smith.  Member shows to be R-M269, has done only 12 markers so not possible without a second YDNA tester to tell which group he may match with. If he will update his markers to at least 37, that will probably show the match to a theorized group. 

Line #2 is autosomal and also goes through Uriah Smith through some of the same ancestors. Because this is autosomal, also need, same thing as above, a YDNA male Smith descendant of Uriah Smith to test against. This line can be proven from census records to Joel William Smith b 1825 Limestone County, Alabama. 

Line # 3 is tree only but also goes through Uriah M Smith and shares Joel Wililam Smith m Elizabeth F Lewis with line #2 . No DNA on this line to compare. 

Two of the members are known cousins and match on autosomal, so here is an autosomal group