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Archibald Smiths in North Carolina - Need Help Sorting These Out

Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith Tangled Lines on December 4, 2020 Views:(61Replies (0)
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We have at least 4 Archibald Smith lines in the system, with one YDNA tester, and one autosomal tester. Not enough to sort out the lines. At first glance, it appears that these may all be from the same Scottish line that went to Cumberland County, NC and thence to Robeson Co NC or Georgia. There is one line that was in Highland County Ohio in 1806 and then Hancock County Indiana.What is needed are some male Smith YDNa testers and secondarily, autosomal testers who have a solid step by step line to one of the Archibalds. 

The lines are: 
1. Archibald Smith b 1749 NC m Jane McArthur (some information from DAR records) He died in 1821 in Wakulla, Robeson Co NC and is buried in the Smith Cemetery there. 
2. Archibald Smith b 1756 Cumberland Co NC m Catherine Brown. He died 1816 in Robeson County, NC. 
3 Archibald Smith b 1776 m Sarah Pillar (Pillow) died 1831 Hancock County, Indiana. I beleve before this he was in Highland Co OH. 
4. Archibald Smith b 1776 Cumberland Co NC  d 1831 Robeson Co NC. Parents were sadi to be Patrick Peter Smith (not sure if those two names conflated-just Patrick Smith in DAR lineage book) and Ann Clark. 

There are more Archibald Smiths than this, including ones from Maine, South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, New York, Georgia and of course if you come from ANY Archibald Smith and want to participate with DNA, please do.

Now, for the census records that I can find. 
1790 Archibald Smith 16 and over -Craven Co NC; Archibald Smith 1 m 16 and over - Robeson Co NC
1800 -Archibald Smith -Salisbury, Rowan Co NC; Archibald Smith Cumberland, Cumberland Co NC; Archibald Smith Fayetteville, Robeson, NC; Archibald Smith Cumberland, Cumberland, NC; Archibald Smith Craven, NC; 1800 Archibald Smith Jr - Fayetteville, Robeson NC 
1810 Archibald Smith- Cumberland, Cumberland, NC
1830 Archibald Smith, Anson, NC; Archibald Smith- Montgomery NC; 1830 Archibald Smith- Guilford NC; Arch Smith-Cumberland,NC,  Alchd Smith Carvers Creek, Cumberland, NC