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Smith/Osbourne- Norther Ireland > Melbourne Australia
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From Ray Osbourne:

Yesterday I joined up with the Smith Project page and in return received an email with suggestions on using the site. One area that bothers me and at this point in time, I don’t believe I can comply with, is the request that I supply a direct Smith line from my earliest known Smith Family member. In my case I can trace my Osborne surname back to about 1810 when a Thomas Osborne was born, don’t know where or who his parents were, but he did live in Northern Ireland before he and his new wife Margaret Howard, sailed from Newry to Melbourne Australia. After 13 years of Osborne research, and in an attempt to find some Family connections, I did a Y-DNA test which earlier this year I upgraded to a 111 marker test. There are no Osborne surnames in the 67 or 111 marker test, but I do have the surnames Gillis, McLennan, MacIntosh, McQuilken and Smith. One problem here is that the first four surnames have a genetic distance of 7 and 8 to me.
On the 67 marker page, a Richard Angus Smith, Kit No 794202 has a genetic distance to me of 1. This seems to put him closer to me than those on my 111 marker page ?  From the research I have done, the Gillis, McLennan connection goes back to the Isle of Uist and Sky on the western side of Scotland, with the Smith surname originating from South Uist. (perhaps Catholic) It appears that the Smith Family may have left Scotland somewhere between 1770 and 1820, and I am thinking headed for Prince Edward Island, Canada.
    My Thomas Osborne was born about 1810, and I am assuming that he was adopted and given the Osborne surname by his new Family. His death certificate does not give the names of his parents, although on his wife’s death certificate, her parents names are recorded, suggesting to me that his Family didn’t know the names of Thomas parents. Margaret died a few years before Thomas. Margaret’s maiden name was Howard (William Howard) and her mother’s name was Ellen Brereton (Brearton). There seems to be a French connection in this Tree, and I don’t know if it was from being on Prince Edward Island, originally governed by France, or through another ancestor.
What I am hoping to achieve from the Smith Project, is to find another close Y-DNA connection with who I can share some historical information with and hopefully establish where the surname change came from. This would also enable me to post my direct Smith line back to the early 1700’s with confidence, where as any attempt to upload my gedcom file now would only give a speculative tree.
Hoping you can assist in some small way.
Forever grateful – Ray Osborne
New Zealand