Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds

Linda Smith Cheek is donating all her genealogy materials to library
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Specifically, to the Southern Wesleyan University Library in Central, Pickens County, SC. All pictures are included in this research. Linda is the author of two great books, one of which is Smith Wills-Deeds & Family Histories; the other is Ancestors and Descendants of Smiths. Particularly the former is a rich repository of sources, especially for the south. 

Linda said, in part

 I have about 15 extra large notebooks which includes pictures of many old ancestors. One of my favorites is a painted portrait of a beautiful Indian lady which was ancestor to my Granger line leading to my Smith line. This lady was a full Indian and looked like perhaps Apache.
At Southern Wesleyan U. Library the material will be under lock and key and visitors are not left to research alone. So no one can steal,  but can copy.
I ...wanted my material placed where I wanted it, and not by someone else, as no one in my family is interested. All of this is also on my computer in a family tree, if anyone is interested.