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FAQ: Categories for Groups on the Smith DNA Colorized or Classic YDNA Chart at FamilyTreeDNA

Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA on August 17, 2020 Views:(110Replies (0)
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The YDNA chart for the Smith DNA Project includes ONLY YDNA results, not autosomal or mtDNA. (We have our own customized groups on that include other types of kits)  There are 3 main types of categories on the FTDNA YDNA chart. 

1. Each kit will have a YDNA haplogroup associated with it. If there is no match with any other kit, but it's definitely or presumed to be a Smith/Schmidt/Smyth/Smidt/Smithhart etc surname, that kit will be put into a broad category for the haplogroup that says they are unmatched as yet. When or if a match is found, that kit is moved from the unmatched category either into an existing group or a new group is created for the now 2 kits that match. 

2. When there are at least 2 kits that match (and sometimes that can include a surname different than Smith but may be an NPE), a grouping is created based, first, on it's being YDNA and the haplogroup, then a sequential group number (The group number otherwise has no purpose than being a numbering system). 

3. Not expected to match on YDNA. There are 2 main categories for these kits. One is kits that are known not to match on YDNA for SMith and it is definitive that it's not a Smith. The second are testers who have autosomal tests that include Smith but they aren't in the YDNA line, ie, male to male to male Smiths. They therefore aren't going to be comparing Smith to Smith through YDNA but may be in the project to compare autosomal results. They are therefore, again, not going to be matched up in the YDNA chart but stlil may match others on autosomal results, and may show up on the custom match group, if there is one, on