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FAQ: Finding your kit on the Classic or Colorized Chart for the Smith DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA

Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA on August 17, 2020 Views:(4263Replies (0)
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This question comes up quite a bit. Basically, a person wants to  find results on the classic or colorized charts on FamilyTreeDNA  for the Smith DNA Project.  Because, by default, the results are spread amongst many pages and there is not a search button to look specifically for your kit in a given group, there is a good way to put all the results on one page and then use your browser's FIND to locate your kit.
Link to the Smith DNA Project YDNA Chart on FamilyTreeDNA

The results which are for YDNA only, are categorized by the haplogroup and then if there is a grouping . For example, all of the R-M269's are in one section. There is one grouping for kits that have no matches, then groupings where there is at least one kit that matches another kit.

There is not a search function on the charts at the present time, but what you can do to make it easy is to change the PAGE SIZE at the top of the report to 5100 (because there's over 5000 people in the project)  and press enter. That will display all the results on one big page, will take a bit to load. Then you can use your browser's FIND function to search for your kit #. -much better to do it whlle all the results on one big page instead of having to page through a number of pages where you might miss seeing your kit. 

To break this down. At the top of YDNA chart you will see PAGESIZE -changing this number will allow you to put a large number so that all the results will display on one page. Why do you want to do that? 

Because otherwise, you will see, at the bottom of each page, page numbering for however many pages you would need to go through to look for your kit. It is MUCH easier to put them all on one page and then use the FIND your browser software has to search for your kit. 

On Chrome browser, you will see 3 little dots on the upper right hand corner. When you click the dots, about midway down the menu that comes up you will see FIND. Click THAT and you will then see a search box come up where you can enter your kit # and it will search the entire page the browser has up to find it.