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YDNA Conflict - Aaron Smith b 1755 CT m Olive Hurd
Aaron Smith
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith Tangled Lines on August 14, 2020 Views:(67Replies (1)
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There are 3 YDNA testers who all claim Aaron Smith b 1755 CT d 1835 New Lisbon, Otsego County, New York. All 3 do not match each other.Starting with the will of Aaron Smith,which was probated in February, 1836 in Otsego County.

Aaron mentions, amont other children, Reuben Smith, Harmon (Herman) Smith and John Smith. 
  • YDNA mermber #1 is a descendant of Reuben Smith b 1788 d 1846 Otsego County, NY. There are no Smith YDNA matches for this kit. 
  • YDNA member # 2 is a descendant of Harmon Smith b 1792 CT d Otsego County NY. This member fits into Group GRP-I-M253-12  Note that the YDNA haplogroup is I-M253.
  • YDNA member #3 thought he might be a descendant of John Smith who, in the will, is said to e in Batavia, Genesee County, New York at the time of the writing of Aaron's will. This member fits in with the group that includes Richard *Bull* Smith b 1613 Eng > Smithtown New York, that is GRP-R-M269-64. Note that the YDNA haplogroup here is R-M269. Because at this point there is no explicit evidence that the father to his Hiram H Smith is the John mentioned in Aaron Smith's will, the line stops there. 
What to do to resolve this? Looking for additional YDNA testers from Aaron Smith, as well as known autosomal testers that have clear, sourced lineages from Aaron down the present day. Would like to have at least 2 testers for each one of the sons (need two for sure for John). 


Posted by Smithwd on August 17, 2020 11:49:46 AM  
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I am the descendant of Aaron via Harmon. I also have about 11 autosomal matches to Reuben's descendants. I share about 5 matches with member #1 but we do not match directly. It does not appear that anyone else from Aaron's line has had y DNA done. No-one knows the maiden name of Harmon's wife Lucina, my gg grandmother, who was born abt 1802. Most census records say born in NY. The 1855 census says born in Putnam County, New York. The 1870 census indicates that both her parents were foreign born. I have guessed that her name possibly was Cole because I have a lot of Cole DNA matches.