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Mary Tooke or Mary Blow? Mary Tooke
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds on July 10, 2020 Views:(395Replies (1)
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Question whether listing of Mary Tooke as second wife of Richard Smith (1632-1712) shouldn't be Mary Blow.

According to Historical Southern Families, Vol. VI: Blow of Surry County, page 184, III. Mary Blow.
*First marriage: John Twyford, who died before 1678.
*4 Mar 1678 [also as in Smithsworld site] On this date estate awarded to Richard Smith, who had married the widow Mary. John and Mary had had a son, John, who is listed in the estate as "one baby."
*Second marriage, prior to 4 Mar 1678, to Richard Smith (V.H.G.351)
*1694, John Twyford listed as resident of Smith household.
*1685, George Blow Jr. appeared in court to acknowledge gift of a heifer to Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Richard Smith (O.B.1671-1693- 493).
In H.S.F. II- 25: Erroneous statement that Mary Blow married Thomas Barrow first then after he died, Richard Smith as 2nd wife. However, George Blow Jr., her brother married the widow of Thomas Barrow.
Mary Blow Smith survived Richard Smith and signed his estate inventor in May 1713.
No more information found on Mary and so far no information found on a Mary Tooke.
I hope that this will be checked and hopefully confirmed.
Thank you.

Judith M. Gray

Posted by smithsworldwide on July 10, 2020 01:47:03 PM  
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Looks like the information about Mary Tooke on smithsworldwide.org came from here https://sallysfamilyplace.com/richard-smith-margaret-blow-mary-tooke/https://sallysfamilyplace.com/richard-smith-margaret-blow-mary-tooke/https://sallysfamilyplace.com/richard-smith-margaret-blow-mary-tooke/

Other than this reference, I cannot verify that her last name was Tooke. I wrote to Sally to ask her the source. Certainly in the meantime we can put Tooke as a theory unless one of you has a reference. Same thing for Blow. I have a copy of "Smith of Scotland Neck" by Claiborne Smith and he does not assign a surname to Mary. 

>>>Update 7/11/2020 with comment from Scott Smith 

I agree with you that the correct lineage is likely Mary Blow, however I have never been able to “disprove” Mary Tooke so we have kept that name in circulation. I am pleased that you reached out and that you also feel that Mary Blow is the wife.