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Seaton Smithy
Patrick (aka Peter) Smith m. Margaret Cocker, Tough, Aberdeenshire
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Patrick Smith married to Margaret Cocker, 24 June 1764 in Tullynessle and Forbes, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  Patrick is recorded as Peter on the baptism records of three children born in Tough, Aberdeenshire: Thomas (1767), William (1771) and John (1774).

The names Patrick and Peter were interchangeable in Scotland due to the Gaelic form of Patrick being very similar to Peter.

Autosomal testing has confirmed my descent from William’s grandson Charles Smith born in Tough in 1849 and Charles’ mother Elizabeth Coutts born in Leochel-Cushnie in 1812.

I have tested at y-67 with no close results although there is a general confirmation of ancestry in Scotland.

I am hoping to convince my father’s 3rd cousin to take a y-DNA test as well. That should confirm our shared descent from William’s son (Charles’ father) George Smith born in Leochel-Cushnie in 1804. I would like to discover a more distant cousin (4th to my father or 5th to me) who could link me to William or a descendant of John who could link me to Peter.