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FAQ: Big-Y Information

Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA on March 19, 2020 Views:(129Replies (0)
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from the Big Y- FTDNA learning center at FamilyTreeDNA 

"The Big Y is a Y-chromosome direct paternal line test. We have designed it to explore deep ancestral links on our common paternal tree. This test examines thousands of known branch markers as well as millions of places where there may be new branch markers. The Big Y test is intended for expert users with an interest in advancing science. It may also be of great interest to genealogy researchers of a specific lineage. However, it is not a test for matching you to one or more men with the same surname in the way that our other Y-STR tests do, such as Y-37, Y-67 or Y-111."LINK

I am adding, today and for the next few days , to the branch lines on the ancestry pages, an icon if someone has taken a Big Y test. Will be putting it anywhere that seems like it's good information for others to have, including on the matched grouping chart. If you don't see the BigY icon on your branch, send an email to with your kit # so we can check. Here's an example of what the icon looks like from one of the latest members to do Big-Y. See on the Branches/DNA row where it shows, first, the grouping that the person representing James Smith d 1870 AR is in, then the branch description (clicking on it will take you to more specific information) and then YDNA and BigY, both of which type tests this member took , then the top of the tree line, the pedigree going up and a relationship downline. Here is the member report for people who have taken Big-Y - IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOURSELF ON THAT LIST, again, let us know.