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Number ONE on my YDNA test John W Smith
Posted by COnstott in Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds on February 8, 2020 Views:(263Replies (1)
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 This person is on my YDNA.. I have no idea how.. 
Posted by smithsworldwide on February 9, 2020 08:03:24 AM  
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I'm assuming you're talking about the matched grouping you're in, yes?  Read below and if I'm all wet in thinking this is what you're asking, please either be more specific or you can feel free to email info@smithsworldwide.org. You also may be reaching out to that member to compare notes. 

In the Smith DNA Project, matched groupings are created primarily on YDNA matches, ie, male Smith to male Smith to male Smith. When you look at the group, you will see, line by line, information about each person you match or, in the case of autosomal DNA, are presumed to match. The Early Ancestor column is to specifically get information on the member who has that line, ie, John W Smith b 1792 Warren Co NC-the email icon ot the right of that shows whether you can expect to contact them via this website. In the next column, you can click on the tree icon to see the top of the tree that person has submitted, ie, the earliest ancestor, the second icon is to look at the pedigree going up and the 3rd icon "R" shows that person's relationship to the early ancestor. The next few icons show what one's mtdna, or ydna, or X line would be. It may or may not be complete based on how much informtion on a given line is posted. The next column is a partially privatized kit # and then an indicator of what type of test the person has taken. YDNA tests are ONLY in a given group if they match on haplogroup and STR markers. The tree only or autosomal tests should be viwed with more caution; if the autosomal test has been verified with a green check mark, it means that that tester was found to match a YDNA tester who had also done autosomal and is thus presumed to be accurate.

You may indeed not know how people that match you on YDNA match you in particular. You can send the person a message or post about it here. That may be why you posted this. Overall. YDNA matches help target one's research, even if the answer to why there's a match is not immediately known.