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2 Abner Smiths in NC- Ashe Co NC and Wake Co NC George Smith
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Some tree fixes for today.

Below references 2 different George Smiths who cannot be the same George Smith. One is a George Smith b 1769 in York Co VA who is son of Robert and Mary Calthrope Smith. One is a George Smith b 1747 Culpeper VA who married Elizabeth Earls and lived in Ashe Co NC and had son Abner Smith who remaine with wife Mehitable Fairchild until death. And a third Abner Smith supposedly has parents George and Elizabeth but it appears to me a faulty tree has been grafted onto a line that originates in Wake Co NC for Abner Smith who died in Burleson Co TX.

I've been going back to look at George Smith of Ashe NC. He is a DAR ancestor # A108695. He is not the same person as George Smith, son of Robert Smith and Mary Calthorpe. Here's why.

1. The George Smith who is son of Robert Smith of York Co VA was born, according to the William and Mary Quarterly Vol 2 No 1 Jul 1893 in an article called "Temple Farm" on October 4, 1769, and is a twin to sister Lucy. Also York County Virginia Charles Parish Records showing also he was baptized May 27, 1770. If anyone knows that happened to the George Smith b 1769, with sources, please comment.
2. The George Smith, DAR ancestor who died in Ashe Co NC was born March 11, 1747 VA.This George married Elizabeth Earls. Proofs are his Rev War pension app, Bible records included in the application. The DAR also accepts this George as the one who married Elizabeth Earls. Migration for them was from Granville Co NC, Ashe Co NC (which later became Watauga) and Lee Co VA. . According to another researcher, the George Smith of Ashe Co NC was born in Culpeper VA. Children of this George Smith, which are on the Bible record as well as in the Rev War application are: Mary, Elizabeth, Abner, Susannah, Martha, Absalom, John, Sarah and Nancy

Second, had 2 Abner Smiths conflated, and they are clearly distinct. The exact birthdate of the Abner Smith of Ashe Co NC is July 4, 1781 at Ashe Co NC , according to the George Smith Rev War app d unknown but probably before 1830, who is said to be a son of George Smith m Elizabeth Earls but he married Mehitable Fairchild, daughter of Ebenezer Fairchild in 1798 at Ashe Co NC. He can be found in the census as well in 1815 Ashe Co NC, 1800 Ashe Co NC, 1820 Ashe Co NC. His wife Mehitable can be found in 1850 in (granddaughter?) household in Watauga Co NC (from Ashe) in Allen Beach's household and I believe that is her in son Jehiel Smith's household in 1840. She is buried in the Cove Creek Cemetery in Watauga NC. Also appears that at least one known son of this Abner Smith is Jehiel Smith b 1806 m Elizabeth Lacey Dugger. Also, George Smith's Rev War pension app clearly shows that Elizabeth Earls is his wife and enumerates his children.

This is a different Abner Smith than the one b 1781 (birth date needs to be verified as it is suspect that some trees use the Abner Smith of Ashe Co NC's birthdate) in Warren Co NC d Burleson Co TX m 1. Siddy Busbee and 2. Sarah Rebecca Jackson. That Abner married Busbee in 1805 in Wake Co NC. She apparently died in 1816 in Alabama. He then married Sarah R Jackson in 1826 at Davidson Co TN. 

UPDATED 9/4/2021: THIRD Abner Smith. With information sent in by an interested viewer, it appears that the Abner Smith who died in Burleson TX is not the same Abner Smith that married Siddy Busbee and apparently went to Mississippi from Wake Co NC. 

This Abner is not from the above George and Elizabeth Earls Smith as proven by the Rev War app.It is unknown who his parents are, although he had a brother Solomon that went with him to Alabama. There is an older Solomon Smith in 1790 Wake Co NC with 5 male children. There are also Buzby and Busby in Wake Co NC in 1790. I found a reference to a Thomas Busbee who had, with second wife, a child named Ceebe. Cannot find sources for this but it is interesting

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I know this posting is a couple of years old, but I'm wondering if there is any more information on the origins of George Smith, 1747, born in Culpeper County, DAR #A108695.  Name of parents? immigration of ancestors?

There are many family trees out there which have George 1747 confuse with George from York County--and his illustrious ancestors.

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Hi, Lillygardenia

The short answer to this is that we still need YDNA male Smith testers that are descendants of George Smith and Elizabeth Earls to compare with other male Smith testers. There are, at this point, a lot of matched groupings; having a living male Smith tester with origin lines to George would help greatly. The son referred to above is Abner Smith of Ashe Co NC who married Mehitable Fairchild. 

Note that there are not 3 Abner Smith lines that have been conflated. 

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And to throw a wrench into our researches, Culpeper/Orange Counties, Virginia saw German settlers named Schmidt arrive in the early 1700s who anglicized their surnames to Smith. Should we also be searching for Georg Schmidt??