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Smith Cemetery Sorted by Cemetery Name
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Cemetery NameCountry StateCounty
Smith CemeteryUSA VirginiaRoanoke
Smith CemeteryUSA VirginiaRockingham
Smith CemeteryUSA West VirginiaHarrison
Smith CemeteryUSA West VirginiaMingo
Smith CemeteryUSA West VirginiaWayne
Smith Cemetery #14USA KentuckyBarren
Smith Cemetery #2USA KentuckyBarren
Smith Cemetery #2USA KentuckyCalloway
Smith Cemetery #3USA KentuckyCalloway
Smith Cemetery #4USA KentuckyBarren
Smith Cemetery #7USA KentuckyBarren
Smith Cemetery (Old TN66) USA TennesseeHawkins
Smith Cemetery at PenhookUSA VirginiaFranklin
Smith Cemetery IUSA PennsylvaniaGreene
Smith Cemetery of LynnvilleUSA TennesseeGiles County
Smith Chapel CemeteryUSA AlabamaDeKalb County
Smith Chapel CemeteryUSA GeorgiaCarroll
Smith Chapel CemeteryUSA MississippiPrentiss
Smith Chapel CemeteryUSA TennesseeHenderon
Smith Chapel CemeteryUSA West VirginiaRitchie
Smith Chapel Family CemeteryUSA GeorgiaWhite
Smith Chapel Wesleyan Church CemeteryUSA South CarolinaPickens
Smith Church CemeteryUSA West VirginiaMason
Smith Credille CemeteryUSA GeorgiaGreene
Smith Familiy CemeteryUSA South CarolinaLaurens County
Smith FamilyCAN OntarioDurham Regional Muncipality
Smith FamilyUSA GeorgiaIrwin
Smith Family Burial GroundUSA New JerseyCape May
Smith Family Burying GroundUSA MassachusettsHampden
Smith Family CemeteryUSA GeorgiaHouston
Smith Family CemeteryUSA GeorgiaJasper
Smith Family CemeteryUSA GeorgiaLong County
Smith Family CemeteryUSA GeorgiaWilkinson
Smith Family CemeteryUSA IllinoisHancock County
Smith Family CemeteryUSA MarylandBaltimore
Smith Family CemeteryUSA MassachusettsBristol
Smith Family CemeteryUSA North CarolinaBurke
Smith Family CemeteryUSA North CarolinaCumberland
Smith Family CemeteryUSA North CarolinaRockingham
Smith Family CemeteryUSA South CarolinaGreenville
Smith Family CemeteryUSA South CarolinaGreenville
Smith Family CemeteryUSA South CarolinaSpartanburg
Smith Family CemeteryUSA South CarolinaSpartanburg
Smith Family CemeteryUSA TexasCherokee
Smith Family CemeteryUSA VirginiaPatrick County
Smith Family CemeteryUSA VirginiaSpotsylvania County
Smith Family Cemetery #2USA MississippiPrentiss
Smith Family Cemetery #4USA ArkansasLawrence
Smith Family Cemetery (Bathurst Plantation)USA VirginiaEssex
Smith Family GraveyardUSA TennesseeTipton
Smith Grave YardUSA LouisianaWinn Parish
Smith GraveyardUSA New YorkSuffolk County
Smith GraveyardUSA VirginiaHenrico Cou8nty
Smith Greene Family CemeteryUSA GeorgiaClay
Smith Grove CemeteryUSA IllinoisBond
Smith Henson CemeteryUSA KentuckyClay
Smith Hill CemeteryUSA MichiganGenessee
Smith Hill CemeteryUSA OhioPike
Smith Lake CemeteryUSA ConnecticutNew London
Smith LotUSA Rhode IslandProvidence
Smith LotUSA Rhode IslandProvidence
Smith LotUSA Rhode IslandProvidence
Smith LotUSA Rhode IslandProvidence
Smith Lot CemeteryUSA MaineYork
Smith Meadow CemeteryUSA North CarolinaJohnston County
Smith Meeting House CemeteryUSA New HampshireBelknap County
Smith Mills CemeteryUSA KentuckyHenderson
Smith ParkUSA TexasRusk
Smith Place CemeteryUSA North CarolinaJohnston
Smith Plot USA MassachusettsBerkshire
Smith TombUSA MassachusettsPlymouth
Smith-Bailey-Morgan CemeteryUSA GeorgiaCoweta
Smith-Bonham CemeteryUSA South CarolinaSaluda
Smith-Butler Family CemeteryUSA New YorkGreene
Smith-Flanders CemeteryUSA GeorgiaJohnson
Smith-Gillaspy CemeteryUSA MississippiLawrence
Smith-Hardee CemeteryUSA North CarolinaPitt
Smith-Henson CemeteryUSA KentuckyClay
Smith-Hunt LotUSA Rhode IslandProvidence
Smith-Hurd Cemetery 55USA MassachusettsYork
Smith-John Cemetery (Pond) USA AlabamaColbert
Smith-Mason CemeteryUSA ConnecticutWindham
Smith-Nelmes CemeteryUSA North CarolinaAnson
Smith-Outlaw CemeteryUSA GeorgiaLee County
Smith-Pitts CemeteryUSA TexasBosque
Smith-Pixley CemeteryUSA OhioScioto
Smith-Ridge CemeteryUSA MaineWashington
Smith-Rosalie CemeteryUSA TexasRed River
Smith-Runner CemeteryUSA KentuckyWarren
Smith-Sibley-Bibb CemeteryUSA KentuckyHenry County
Smith-Steere CemeteryUSA Rhode IslandProvidence
Smith-Upshaw CemeteryUSA GeorgiaCarroll
Smith-Williams CemeteryUSA North CarolinaDuplin County
Smith/Baker CemeteryUSA MaineKennebec County
Smith/Dudley CemeteryUSA New HampshireRockingham
Smith/Power CemeteryUSA AlabamaWilcox County
Smith/Vittitow Family CemeteryUSA KentuckyNelson
Smithfield CemeteryUSA KentuckyHenry
Smithfield City CemeteryUSA UtahCache
Smiths CemeteryUSA MichiganSt Clair
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