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Smith Cemetery Sorted by Cemetery Name
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Cemetery NameCountry StateCounty
Lacey Street CemeteryUSA PennsylvaniaWyoming
Lafayette CemeteryUSA AlabamaChambers
LaFayette CemeteryUSA New YorkOnondaga
LaGrange CemeteryUSA TennesseeFayette
Lake CemeteryUSA North CarolinaTransylvania
Lake City CemeteryUSA MississippiScott
Lake Ridge CemeteryUSA New YorkTompkins
Lake Ronkonkoma CemeteryUSA New YorkSuffolk
Lake View CemeteryUSA OhioCuyahoga County
Lake View CemeteryUSA VermontAddison
Lake Wales CemeteryUSA FloridaPolk
Lakeport CemeteryUSA MichiganSt Clair
Lakeside CemeteryUSA ConnecticutLitchfield
Lakeside CemeteryUSA IllinoisTazewell
Lakeside CemeteryUSA MichiganSt Clair
Lakeside CemeteryUSA North CarolinaTransylvania
Lakeside Memorial Park CemeteryUSA PennsylvaniaErie
Lakeview CemeteryUSA ConnecticutFairfield
Lakeview CemeteryUSA ConnecticutMiddlesex
Lakeview CemeteryUSA MaineKennebec
Lakeview CemeteryUSA MichiganLivingston
Lakeview CemeteryUSA New YorkYates
Lakeview CemeteryUSA WyomingLaramie
Lakeview Memorial GardensUSA TexasGregg
Lakeville CemeteryUSA MichiganOakland
Lakewood CemeteryUSA MinnesotaHennepin
Lamberts Cove CemeteryUSA MassachusettsDukes County
Lamont Walker CemeteryUSA FloridaMadison
Lancaster-Kerr CemeteryUSA TennesseeMaury County
Lands End CemeteryUSA ConnecticutFairfield
Lane CemeteryUSA New HampshireRockingham
Lane CemeteryUSA TennesseeGiles County
Lansing CemeteryUSA MinnesotaMower
Lansingburgh Village CemeteryUSA New YorkRennsselaer
Lansingville CemeteryUSA New YorkTompkins
Laona CemeteryUSA IllinoisWinnebago
Lasting Hope CemeteryUSA TennesseeMaury
Laurel Grove CemeteryUSA OregonLane
Laurel Hill CemeteryUSA GeorgiaThomas
Laurel Hill CemeteryUSA New YorkSchuyler
Laurel Hill CemeteryUSA New YorkSchuyler
Laurel Hill CemeteryUSA PennsylvaniaFayette
Laurel Hill CemeteryUSA PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia
Laurel Hill Memorial GardensUSA MissouriSt Louis
Laurel IOOF CemeteryUSA OhioHamilton
Laurel Land Memorial ParkUSA TexasTarrant
Laurel Oak CemeteryUSA MissouriHenry
Laurelton Union ChurchUSA PennsylvaniaUnion
Laurens City CemeteryUSA South CarolinaLaurens County
Lawncrest Memorial ParkUSA CaliforniaShasta
Lawnridge CemeteryUSA IllinoisOgle
Lawnview CemeteryUSA PennsylvaniaMontgomery
Lawrence CemeteryUSA TennesseeMaury
Lawrence Chapel United Methodist Church CemeteryUSA South CarolinaPickens
Lawrence Cove Independent Baptist Church Cemetery USA AlabamaMorgan
Lawrence Memorial ParkUSA ArkansasLawrence
Lawrence SmithUSA GeorgiaClinch
Lawrenceville CemeteryUSA New JerseyMercer
Leach CemeteryUSA MassachusettsPlymouth
Leachman CemeteryUSA IllinoisChristian
Leagueville CemeteryUSA TexasHenderson
Leavenworth National CemeteryUSA KansasLeavenworth
Lebanon CemeteryUSA TennesseeHardin
Lebanon United Methodist Church CemeteryUSA AlabamaCherokee
Lebeck CemeteryUSA MissouriCedar
Ledford CemeteryUSA KentuckyTrigg County
Lee and Johnson RestoriumUSA North CarolinaJohnston
Lee CemeteryUSA TennesseeBradley
Lee CemeteryUSA TexasHunt
Lee CemeteryUSA TexasWood
Lee Memorial ParkUSA MississippiLee
Lee Mission CemeteryUSA OregonMarion
Leesville CemeteryUSA New YorkSchoharie
Leesville CemeteryUSA OhioCarroll
Lehigh CemeteryUSA IllinoisPeoria
Lemon Springs Methodist Church CemeteryUSA North CarolinaLee
Lenox Memorial CemeteryUSA West VirginiaPreston
Lenox Union CemeteryUSA IllinoisWarren
Leon CemeteryUSA IowaDecatur
Leonard CemeteryUSA TexasFannin
Leslie-Winfield Family CemeteryUSA GeorgiaGreene County
Level Grove Baptist Church CemeteryUSA GeorgiaHabersham
Lewis Primitive Baptist Church CemeteryUSA GeorgiaJenkins County
Lexie Church of Christ CemeteryUSA TennesseeFranklin
Lexington CemeteryUSA KentuckyFayette
Lexington CemeteryUSA New YorkGreene
Lexington CemeteryUSA PennsylvaniaGreene
Lexington CemeteryUSA TennesseeHenderson
Lexington City CemeteryUSA North CarolinaDavidson
Liberty Baptist Church CemeteryUSA GeorgiaDawson
Liberty Baptist Church CemeteryUSA GeorgiaRabun County
Liberty Baptist Church CemeteryUSA MissouriClark County
Liberty Baptist Church CemeteryUSA South CarolinaChester
Liberty CemeteryUSA AlabamaHale
LIberty CemeteryUSA MissouriTexas
Liberty CemeteryUSA New YorkSullivan
LIberty Chapel CemeteryUSA GeorgiaBryan
Liberty Chapel CemeteryUSA IndianaJefferson
Liberty Christian Church CemeteryUSA GeorgiaCoweta
Liberty City CemeteryUSA TexasLiberty
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