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 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Ward, Sally 
   20 Nov 2017
Smith, Jeremiah 
b. 15 Mar 1766   20 Nov 2017
Smith, Nathan 
   20 Nov 2017
Smith, Buel 
b. c 1802  NY,USA  20 Nov 2017
Smith, Maria L 
   20 Nov 2017
Rowley, Mary 
   20 Nov 2017
Wilson, Noah 
   20 Nov 2017
Wilson, Samantha 
b. 1804   20 Nov 2017
Smith, Francis 
b. c 1829  PA,USA  20 Nov 2017
   20 Nov 2017


 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I83019  Smith        20 Nov 2017
 I75200  Buel Jagger Smith  I75201  Sarah Field  26 Fec 1840  20 Nov 2017
 I83021  Buel Smith  I83022  Samantha Wilson  1826  20 Nov 2017
 I83026  Jeremiah Smith  I83028  Sally Ward    20 Nov 2017
 I83023  Noah Wilson  I83024  Mary Rowley    20 Nov 2017
 I77767  Francis Smith        7 Nov 2017
 I83007  Meriwether Smith  I83013  Elizabeth Daingerfield    7 Nov 2017
 I83015  George William Smith  I83017  Jane Read    7 Nov 2017
 I83015  George William Smith  I83018  Sarah Daingerfield    7 Nov 2017
 I83002  William Smith  I83003  Nancy Bratcher    6 Nov 2017

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I too have Captain Thomas Ballard Smith but different birth and death dates. I have him in North Carolina and married to Elizabeth Witt instead of Ann and the Children are different. However parents are the same and other information is the same. Any idea if they are the same person?



Hi Rebecca,

Jeremiah H Smith was my paternal great grandfather and he was married to Margaret Sainer. His father was Jacob S Smith married to Elizabeth Swineford Wolfe.I am trying to find a link saying that Jacob and Jeemiah were father and son. Do you have any info? 

I haven't found any Martins in my lineage but I have been looking.

Rhoda  Smith Turner


I have been working this line and I am not sure that Samuel III is of the Nehemiah line. In my tree, I have changed it to his being a son of Samuel Smith and Mary (Marvin?) Smith, who are descendants through the Richard Smith/Joanna Quarles line as the link to my tree now shows.

So the mystery still persists, is the Samuel and Lucretia buried in Banty Cemetery of the Nehemiah line or the Richard line?
Thanks for hearing me out!


I thought I would send you my email address too, sorry I forgot to include it. It's

Jenny Gaulding Low


Hi J.M.,

I just posted this in a separate post, but thought I would copy my post and send it to you. My husband is a descendant of this Matthew Simpson Smith, but you need to read my post.

This may be long, but I've been doing a lot of research over the last few days trying to put the pieces together. I had my Uncle, Earl Anderson, tested to try to trace my Anderson Family line and to join the Anderson Family Project, only to find out that we are actually Smith's!  There has been a name change somewhere down the line with my family. I also match Smith's, but I was stupid before and had my DNA tested through 23andMe, my Uncle Earl's was too, but I paid to have his tested twice. Earl Anderson Kit # 463320 is a match to these Smith's:

1) John Henry Smith born 10 Mar 1867 in Cass County, Texas, died 25 Apr 1898 in Irving, Dallas County, Texas

2) Isaac Smith born 1783 in Tennessee

3) Bennett B Smith born 1811 in North Carolina, died aft 15 Jun 1880 in possibly McNairy County, Tennessee

Those on a 1st genetic distance, these on a 2nd

4) David L Lewis born 1878 in Bledsoe, Tennessee

5) Harvey Lee Smith (No more information)

This one on a 3rd genetic distance

6) Stephen Smith (No more information)


 I've been trying to trace the steps of this John Henry Smith and his line. I do know that his father was James Andrew Stephen Smith who was born 1842 (1834 according to the Mortality Death Index) in Carroll County, Georgia. Carroll County, Georgia. JAS Smith is the son of Andrew J Smith born 1802 in South Carolina, USA, died 1878 in Van Zandt County, Texas (Find A Grave Memorial# 72172059), and Nancy Ann Ingram Smith born 1797 in England, died 1878 in Van Zandt County, Texas (Find A Grave Memorial# 72171977). Andrew and Nancy Smith were living in Carroll County, Georgia in 1840.


The children of Andrew J and Nancy Ingram Smith are:

1) Elizabeth "Eliza" "Eliezer" Smith born 22 Feb 1822 in Carroll County, Georgia, died 11 Jan 1908 in Chandler, Van Zandt County, Texas. Married Zion Cantrell 23 Dec 1841 in Carroll County, Georgia.

2) Mary Frances "Polly" Smith born 1824 in Carroll County, Georgia, died 15 May 1872 in Davis County, Texas. Married Benjamin Franklin Cantrell on 14 Sep 1843 in Carroll County, Georgia.

3) S (May be Samuel or Simpson) Smith born 1830 in Carroll County, Georgia

4) Margaret Smith born 1832 in Carroll County, Georgia. Married George Bertrand on 19 Mar 1857 in Cass County, Texas.

5) Sarah "Sally" Smith born 1834 in Carroll County, Georgia. Married T A Gipson on 10 Aug 1871 in Cass County, Texas.

6) Martha Smith born 1836 in Carroll County, Georgia. Married M R Pettington on 2 Jan 1860 in Cass County, Texas

7) Nancy Smith born 1837 in Carroll County, Georgia. Married Thomas Collins on 14 Mar 1867 in Cass County, Texas

8) Catherine Smith born 1838 in Carroll County, Georgia, died 1894 in Van Zandt County, Texas. Married Marquis De Lafayette Fulgham on 31 Mar 1861 in Cass County, Texas.

9) James Andrew Stephen Smith born 1842 in Carroll County, Georgia, died Jul 1869 in Davis County, Texas. Married Mary Gwin on 16 May 1861 in Cass County, Texas. Mary Gwin was from Alabama.  (Cass County Marriages, 1855 - 1874, Volume 2, Page 173 - Groom listed as: Stephen Smith, Bride listed as: M. Givins? transcription error - It's M Gwin). 

Source for all of their children's Cass County, Texas Marriages:




Here is the 1850 US Census from Carroll County, Georgia. It shows Andrew and Nancy with most of their children.

JAS Smith is seen with Catherine Smith (Fulgham), and sibling, S Smith (Name could be Samuel or Simpson Smith), living with their father, A (Andrew J) Smith, and mother, listed as  A Smith (Nancy Ann Ingram), a female born in 1797.It says here that Nancy was born in the Atlantic Ocean, which I thought was funny, but the 1850 Census says she was born in England. . JAS Smith died of Rheumatism in Jul 1869 in Davis County, Texas. I had seen others saying he died in 1870, but I actually looked at the document and read it, and it says "Persons who died during the Year ending June 1, 1870."

Source: U.S.Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1885 for Davis County, Texas


The children of JAS Smith are living with his wife, Mary Smith in Davis County, Texas in the 1870 Census and she is listed as a widow.


Mary Gwin Smith then married Thomas Brown between 1870 and 1878. They had one daughter together named Fanny Brown.

FYI - Davis County is actually the same as Cass County, Texas. It was Cass County, renamed Davis County for about 10 years, and then renamed Cass County again. So really they never moved.

Now that I've shown you this line that my Uncle Earl Anderson has shown as a matching, this is what I stumbled upon completely by accident. Another cousin on 23andMe had asked me if I would look at my DNA matches and compare the ones I had and see which ones also showed as a match to her. I decided I would do that and check and see if they had any surnames listed to see if there were any that I recognized as ones I might know were on my tree already. I went through 50 different matches of people doing this on Sunday Night, which actually took me hours to do.

At about 3 a.m., I ran across one that had the surname of Mullins. I recognized the name as being one in my tree. So I went to double check that, and when I did, I was really blown away. I was staring at a Mullins who married a Smith who ended up in Cass County, Texas. And this was not one that I have not been looking at over the last couple of days. It's not one of Andrew's kids, or his wife, or his grandkids.


Rebecca Smith born 23 Jul 1786 in South Carolina, died 1865 in Colbert County, Alabama. She married James Mullins born 16 Sep 1785 in Washington, Virginia, died 11 Aug 1864 in Tuscumbia, Colbert County, Alabama. Their son, Matthew Simpson Mullins born 22 Jan 1812 in Mississippi Terrritory, what is now Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, died 18 Mar 1866 in Cass County, Texas.


Matthew Simpson Mullins \ Mullens moved to Cass County, Texas in the 1850's around the same time as Andrew Smith and his family. Now since families moved together, I find it very odd that Rebecca Smith from South Carolina, died in Colbert County, which was part of Lawrence County, Alabama. If you continue to trace Andrew's line down, that some of his line lived in that area as well, such as Col. Gaines Chisholm Smith of Limestone County, Alabama. 

I don't find this a coincidence!


Rebecca Smith's father, is Matthew Simpson Smith. And his father is James Smith. Rebecca has 2 siblings. She has a sister names Jane "Jennie" Smith, and a brother named James Simpson Smith who was born in 1792. Andrew J Smith is only 10 more years younger. I think he is Rebecca's brother. Now, what's even crazier is that this Rebecca was already in my tree. When I looked up to see the relationship to me on Sunday night.....she is my husband's 4th great grandmother!!!!  My husband and I are cousins!  Isn't that crazy!  I was born in Alabama.  He was born in Texas. That makes it even funnier because that is where both of these families are from or lived.  And we ended up together.... of all things! I guess God really meant for us to be together!

My husband has already had his DNA tested and is part of the Lowe \ Low Family Project. Rebecca Smith is his 4th Great Grandmother on his mother's side, so I'm not sure if she would even show up in his DNA because I don't understand the DNA stuff too much. But he had the real extensive test done, not just the family finder, and because of this, we couldn't compare our DNA through GEDmatch. I have contacted a person who has had their DNA tested and posted that they are a match on Ancestry, and asked if they would compare, but I have not received a response back. I'm just asking if there is anyone out there who may be a match to this Matthew Simpson Smith or his father James Smith born 16 May 1729 in Tullyherine, Ireland, died May 1764 who may be willing to compare DNA with my Uncle Earl Anderson's DNA. 


I know this is long, and I thank you for taking the time to read it all. It's taken me several days to gather all of the information. I haven't seen anyone on Ancestry or any where online who has all of this information together, so maybe it will be of help to someone. I'm hoping someday I will find out how our Anderson's became Smith's. Maybe this will be a start for us.


Thanks for your time!


Jennifer "Jenny" Gaulding Low


Mr Silverheels birth name was Harold Preston Smith. Son of Alexander George Edwin Smith Sr., and Mabel Phoebe Doxtater.




Hello, My name is Becky Smith Morris, niece of Ronnie Smith who did our DNA testing, I handle the administration of our kit # **1018.  Ronnie, who is my unlce, is a direct line from General.  We need your help locating any and all ancestors of General's line as we have stalemated.

Ronnie a direct descendent of General Washington Smith b 1784 NC, lived Marlboro SC1800, Screvin Cnty GA 1813,d Wayne Cnty GA 1860?  He was married to Laney Wiggins Liberty Cnty GA 1818. Direct Line Archibald - Wiliam -Henry (kit **1579 - 37 markers) and - Matthew (kit **1018 -  67 markers)  Henry and Matthew were brothers but Ronnie's line is through Matthew.

I am seeing the names Simon, Benjamin,Levi, Willard appearing alot around the movement from North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.  But cannot put a finger on the connection.  Only connection is the DNA Group R-M269-18 where I am seeing Simon and Benjamin's name appear.  I think that I did see Levi's name once but don't remember.  They have lived next door to each other, on legal documents. etc. But still no connection as to a relationship.  Possibly brothers, cousins,father, grandfather, uncles, I don't know I cannot put the connection there. There is also the possiblity that General either had a sister who was born in 1800 SC or a daughter at the age of 16 in SC but cannot find a record.  We know that a census shows three people one being u nder age 3 female associated with General.  We also know that a female named Lucretia Smith age 18 married the brother of Laney Wiggins, Peter Wiggins around the same time that General and Laney married in Liberty Cnty GA.  Any help would be appreciated.  Dont know if the link is somewhere hidden in your info or not.  Have anyone done higher than a 67 in your group  Is that feasible to do after doing 67markers?   What is the protocol next at this point to finding information that is needed to go further back?

Open to suggestions.

Thank you

Becky Smith Morris


Land Deed

1801 • Montgomery County, Virginia, USA

Jacobs 28 Acres of Land was surveyed for him in 1801. This land was on the south fork of the Roanoke in todays FLOYD COUNTY VIRGINIA. He sold this land to Henry Shockey


1810 • Montgomery County, Virginia, USA

He is next to Rosannah SHILLING and it is not alphabetically listed. Rosannah Shilling is my Jacob SMITHs mother in Law, as stated his marriage record. Jacobs land adjoined Rosannahs as stated in his deed.

Land Deed

1817 • Montgomery County Virginia

in 1817, 80 Acres of Land Surveyed for Jacob Smith on BIG RUN a Branch of the South Fork of the Roanoke this was adjoining his own land he already had. He sold this land to Daniel Sowder

Land Deed

05 AUG 1820 • Montgomery County, Virginia, USA

Jacob and Mary sold their 28 Acres that adjoined Rosanna Shilling to Henry Shockey.


1820 • Blacksburg, Montgomery, Virginia, United States

If you look in the Tax Lists from 1812 and up you will notice there is a JR and a SENIOR our Jacob is the SENIOR. This Jacob in this Census is SR not JR.


1826 • Montgomery County, Virginia, USA

Jacob Smith and wife Polly sold their 50 Acres to Peter Guerrant Jr. on the South Fork of the Roanoke.

Tax List

1829 • Pike County, Kentucky, USA

He is listed in the Tax List of Pike County Kentucky for 1829


1830 • Pike, Kentucky, USA


1840 • Pike, Kentucky, United States


1841 • Cabell, Virginia, USA

He is listed in the 1841 Tax List for Cabell County Virginia (West Virginia)

Wayne County West Virginia was created in 1842...Wayne County and Cabell County have a confusing boundary especially up near Beech Fork State Park... Most residence call the area Cabell/Wayne


1842 • Wayne County, West Virginia, USA

Land Deed

18 Mar 1848 • Cabell County, West Virginia, USA

Jacob Smith and wife Polly sold 45 Acres on Tory Branch of Beech Fork of Twelve Pole to Jacob Smith.


1850 • District 66, Wayne, Virginia, USA


1860 • Cabell, Virginia, USA

This area became West Virginia 2 years later.



Hi, Debra:  I am a descendant of Eliza and Sam's sister, Samantha.  I would love to correspond.  My email is:  Please contact me.   Thanks!!




My earliest confirmed ancestor is Robert Smith, born 1816 in Franklin County VA. His father may have been John Smith, and his father Martin Smith. Then Martin's father may have been Martin Sr., born around 1742. Therein lies a total brick wall for my research. No one knows who preceded Martin Sr. but I have surmised that there may be a connection to a line of Martin (last name), as that would answer how he and his son had that first name. Anyway, some of my DNA connections put me in South Carolina as well. Thus the motivation to write this reply to your post. None of this stuff is easy to unravel, but some of what you wrote seems compelling to say the least.



Additional Mauldin information:

See this page:

Amazingly, they have Kitt Smith marrying Mary Mauldin. I believe he was actually her son.

To see the relevance of the Mauldin surname with Group 8's ancestry, enter (accurately, please) the entire yDNA marker sequence into's search program. You will see NPEs for a Mauldin and Coker line. No coincidence.

Christopher Smith

Group R-M269-9 Contact


Regarding Mary Mauldin, d/o Rucker Mauldin:

I found a preview of a book on Google Books that, amazingly, has a snippet that seems to provide an alternative hypothesis on who Mary Mauldin married.

It is titled "Wills-deeds and Family Histories, Volume 1". It's author is our very favorite! Linda G. Cheek!! Yes!

The first snippet says (I've stylized the font for emphasis): 

Obedience Smith (Biddy) d/o Wade Smith who married Mary Mauldin —Mary Mauldin d/o Rucker Mauldin and Ann Miller Moore ... Govan Smith s/o Harmon Smith need proof Much work has to be done on these Smiths in order to prove who the ... (believe youngest child) also called Kitt Smith b. ca 1786 m. supposedly Martha Mauldin b. between 1780-1790 Christopher Smith and Thomas Smith were in ...

Again, I have not modified the text of the snippit, only stylized where I thought important.

Now who among us has this book at the ready??

Christopher Smith

Group R-M269-9 Contact


Further, please see the following highlighted Google Books search result for information on Christopher Smith and Catherine Snelson's line.


Please note that Francis Marion Smith's line is not mentioned, but an Ambrose Smith is as a brother of a John O. Smith, a cousin to John Snelson Smith.


Christopher Smith

Group R-M269-9 Contact