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HELP!!! FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Smith TNG (tree)FAQ

Getting Started on TNG-Read this first
How to contact people or leave queries
Using Smiths-some Tips from TNG
I'm having trouble logging on to TNG -where the trees are
I have forgotten my login information/password
Can I have 2 emails per account?
How can I edit my profile on TNG (the tree part?)
The spouse is missing and I want to add to the family record
I need to remove (DELETE) a spouse/child/extra family
What is the Timeline feature?
How do I ADD a person or family?
How do I ADD media such as a photo, history, document or headstone photo?
How do I add children or change the birth order?
What are the EVENTS associated with a person or family?
What if I see a mistake or want to add information?
How do I EDIT a person or family?
Found the person-how do I see his or her descendants?
How to find who you're looking for (Search)
The permissions methodology we're using with the tree


Getting Started on Smiths DNA
How to Find your DNA Kit on the Site
My DNA results came in but I don't see them on the Smith Project yet
I'd like to edit some of the information on the DNA Kit page on Smiths
Group Contact Editing
How do I compare YDNA markers?
I'm in a group but can't tell the tree relationship with others
I would like to be the group contact for one of the matched groupings.
Understanding mtDNA-does a brother and sister both have mom's mtDNA?
I tested with FamilyTreeDNA but am not part of the Smith Official DNA Project-How do I join?
I would like my YDNA markers added to the site for comparison but did not test with FTDNA
What about Family Finder/Autosomal results?
Autosomal Chromosome Mapping Explanation
Smith DNA Project (Surname) and Autosomal Data
Uploading your Gedcom File to FamilyTreeDNA
FAQ from FamilyTreeDNA
Beginners Guide to Genetic Genealogy
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