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Report: Smith DNA Kits Sorted by Birth Location

         Description: Members of the Smith DNA Project who have tested DNA, have supplied trees, with links to the DNA kit results as well as to the lineage and to matched groupings. If you do not see a link to your tree and you are a DNA project member, means either that you are not registered on TNG or have not supplied your tree.

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# Birth Place DNA Kit # Last Name, Given Name(s) Spouse Name Smith DNA Matched Group
1 NC, USA   Smith DNA Kit 67078  Smith, William  Anna Atkinson  Matched Grouping R1b-24 
2 ,Foveran,Aberdeenshire,SCT   Smith DNA Kit 292911  Smith, Robert  Euphemia Milne   
3 Accomack Co,VA,USA   Smith DNA Kit 274024  Smith, William  Alice Woods   
4 AL,USA   Smith DNA kit 236403  Smith, Robert  Mary Ann Tucker   
5 Aldershot, Hampshire County England   Smith DNA Kit H2222  Smith, George  Mary Langley Turnbull   
6 AR   DNA Kit N6861  Smith, James E  Ella Early   
7 BAH   Smith DNA Kit N92960  Smith, Thomas  Florence Catherine Major   
8 Ballinderry, Antrim, Northern Ireland   Smith DNA Kit 189086  Smith, William     
9 Bathgate, Scotland   Smith DNA Kit 252846  Smith, John     
10 Bedford, PA   Smith DNA Kit 246504  Smith, Samuel S  Margaret C Ressler  Smith Matched Group R1b-105 
11 Birmingham, England   Smith DNA Kit 248731 FF  Smith, Sidney Charles     
12 Bladen Co NC USA   SMith DNA Kit 231289  Jones, Moses  Ruth Busby  Smiths DNA Matched Grouping R1b-29 
13 Bow, England   Smith DNA Kit 251545  Smith, Frank  Alice Smith   
14 Canada   Smith DNA Kit 147130  Smith  Eliza Belding   
15 Canterbury, Kent, England   Smith DNA Kit # 235255  Smith, George Alfred  Maria Louisa Quinn   
16 Chatham, NC   Smith DNA kit 188515 mtDNA  Smith, Abner     
17 Cocke, TN   Smith DNA Kit # 219526 mtDNA  Smith, James Franklin Pierce  Viola Elizabeth Taylor   
18 Cornwall, England   Smith DNA Kit 39501  Smith, William     
19 County Derry, Ireland   Smith DNA Kit 129754  Smith, Samuel  Eizabeth Gordon  Smith Matched Grouing I2-1 
20 DE   Smith DNA Kit 203491 mtDNA  Smith, James  Elizabeth Taylor   
21 Duchroth, Oberhausen, Bavaria, Germany   Smith DNA Kit 266627  Schmitt, Johann Peter  Anna Elisabetha Daum   
22 England   Smith DNA Kit 116939  Smith, Thomas     
23 England   Smith DNA Kit 215270  Smith, Herbert Ernest  Annie Curtis   
24 England   Smith DNA Kit B3195  Smith, George  Elizabeth   
25 England   Smith DNA Kit 66035  Smith, John     
26 England   Smith DNA Kit N71200  Smith, Samuel  Elizabeth Braund   
27 England   Smith DNA Kit 222010  Smith, Joseph  Elizabeth Smith   
28 England   Smith DNA Kit N50895  Smith, William  Mary McDonaugh   
29 Fulstone,Yorkshire,England   334719  Smith, Alfred Mazzini  Margaret Severs   
30 Hamilton, Essex, Massachusetts, USA   Smith DNA Kit 178866  Smith, Joseph Addison  Abigail Butman   
31 IA   Smith DNA Kit N42694 mtDNA   Smith, Lillian Margaret     
32 IN   Smith DNA Kit 201688  Smith, Sarah  Allen Sheets   
33 Ireland   Smith DNA Kit N73948 mtDNA  Smith, James L  Margaret Given   
34 Ireland   Smith DNA Kit 264603  Smith, Joseph Boyd  Jane Lloyd   
35 KY   Smith DNA Kit 59012  Smith, Miles  Sarah Ann Roland  Smith DNA Group R1b-10 
36 LA   Smith DNA Kit 145809  Smith, William    Matched Grouping R1b-24 
37 Lautheim, Wurttenberg, Germany   Smith DNA Kit 152948  Schmid, Michael  Anna Maria Schleicher   
38 Maryland   Smith DNA Kit 10305512  Smith, Bernard  Ann Drury   
39 Marysville,,CA,USA   Smith Kit 66129  Smith, James     
40 MD   #277279; 16634; 328534  Smith, Samuel Sr  Grissel "Griselda" Locker   
41 MI   Smith DNA kit 173057  Smith, Frank DeForest  Maud Powell   
42 Montgomery Co NC USA   Smith DNA Kit 54807  Smith, Jesse     
43 New Suredon Austria   Smith DNA Kit 246356 FF  Schmidt, Elizabeth  William Nahrgang   
44 NJ,USA   Smith DNA kit 86631  Smith, Nicholas  Catherine   
45 Oberzel, Germany   Smith DNA Kit 141482  Schmidt, Henry Fredrick  Barbara Kauhthau   
46 PA, USA   Smith DNA Kit 30884  Smith, John  Elizabeth  Matched Grouping R1b-63 
47 PA, USA   Jonathan Bayard Smith

DAR A106241 
Smith, Jonathan  Anne Simpson   
48 PA, USA   Smith DNA Kit 154764  Smith, Oliver Clete  Myrtle F   
49 PA, USA   Smith DNA Kit 250393 mtdna/FF  Smith, Noah  Elizabeth Weaver   
50 PA, USA   Smith DNA Kit A10411332  Smith, Samuel  Barbara   

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