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Report: YDNA Conflicted Tree Lines

         Description: These are trees in which two or more people do not match but claim the same descent line

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# Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place Spouse Name DNA Conflict w Tree Lines
1 Smith, John  1572    12 Jul 1639  Lexington Co,MA,USA   Isabella Drake  YDNA Kit N80502 (Oliver Smithb 1767 VT) and YDNA Kit 300102 (James Smith m Hannah Goodenow). 300102 matches Smith/Hunt of Sudbury MA, possible that father is Thomas Smith of John from Watertown MA. If so, that would show a YDNA relationship between Smith/Hunt and Smith/Drake.
Kit N80502 also believes descent from Smith/Drake, proven ancestors were in Orange County Vermont.