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Rowan, NC, USA

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Latitude: 35.6303455, Longitude: -80.5438450


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Mary Jane  31 May 1796Rowan, NC, USA I2822
2 Brown, James  15 Jun 1763Rowan, NC, USA I64391
3 Brown, William  c 1713Rowan, NC, USA I64393
4 CUNNINGHAM, Margaret Catherine  29 Jan 1764Rowan, NC, USA I12576
5 Felps, Brittain Sr  1770Rowan, NC, USA I31748
6 Felps, Edith Evelyn  1801Rowan, NC, USA I31647
7 Parke, Joseph  Nov 1773Rowan, NC, USA I32178
8 Smith, Anderson  22 Dec 1800Rowan, NC, USA I49578
9 Smith, Casper  10 May 1796Rowan, NC, USA I41248
10 Smith, David  1751Rowan, NC, USA I16276
11 Smith, George  Rowan, NC, USA I48906
12 Smith, George  24 Dec 1763Rowan, NC, USA I42926
13 Smith, George Jr  1795Rowan, NC, USA I42929
14 Smith, George Michael  1727Rowan, NC, USA I43195
15 Smith, George Michael Jr  1766Rowan, NC, USA I43197
16 Smith, James  1725Rowan, NC, USA I20568
17 Smith, James  1735Rowan, NC, USA I16308
18 Smith, Katherine  1770Rowan, NC, USA I48903
19 Smith, Leonard Jr  1784Rowan, NC, USA I48908
20 Smith, Margaret  21 Feb 1790Rowan, NC, USA I3541
21 Smith, Meade Washington  1756Rowan, NC, USA I42800
22 Smith, Rebeckah  c 1769Rowan, NC, USA I14168
23 Smith, Reuben  17 May 1813Rowan, NC, USA I48937
24 Waggoner, Susannah Ann  23 Nov 1780Rowan, NC, USA I31749
25 West, Leonard  26 May 1823Rowan, NC, USA I11366


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Leonhardt, Margaret  After 1799Rowan, NC, USA I42923
2 Schmidt, Peter  19 Sep 1767Rowan, NC, USA I41221
3 Schmitt, Gasper  After 1784Rowan, NC, USA I42922
4 Smith, David  2 May 1787Rowan, NC, USA I41219
5 Smith, David Jr  12 Oct 1823Rowan, NC, USA I3531
6 Smith, Gasper  7 Sep 1834Rowan, NC, USA I42924
7 Smith, George Michael  23 Oct 1814Rowan, NC, USA I59359
8 Smith, Leonard  1818Rowan, NC, USA I48888
9 Smith, Leonard  After 1 Jun 1818Rowan, NC, USA I41229
10 Smith, Margaret  Bef 1825Rowan, NC, USA I40364
11 Smith, Michael Jr  c 1791Rowan, NC, USA I59869
12 Smith, Peter  1767Rowan, NC, USA I42939
13 Smith, Peter Washington  17 Aug 1830Rowan, NC, USA I4801

Tax List/Entry

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax List/Entry    Person ID 
1 Schmitt, Gasper  1768Rowan, NC, USA I42922


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WILL    Person ID 
1 Smith, Gasper  3 Sep 1834Rowan, NC, USA I42924
2 Smith, Henderson M  13 Jul 1891Rowan, NC, USA I48956


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cross / Smith  1806Rowan, NC, USA F17635
2 Smith / Ellis  25 Oct 1786Rowan, NC, USA F15544
3 Smith / Harris  14 Nov 1854Rowan, NC, USA F17648
4 Smith / Idol  15 Jan 1803Rowan, NC, USA F17632
5 Smith / Lynn  26 Aug 1768Rowan, NC, USA F23849
6 Smith / Martin  12 Jan 1810Rowan, NC, USA F17640
7 Smith / Merrill  4 Jun 1810Rowan, NC, USA F12816
8 Smith / Wilson  c 1805Rowan, NC, USA F22786
9 Swink / Smith  18 Sep 1786Rowan, NC, USA F21659

Census (Family)

Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Census (Family)    Family ID 
1 Schmitt / Leonhardt  1759Rowan, NC, USA F15543
2 Smith / Bost  1850Rowan, NC, USA F34461
3 Smith / Haden  1830Rowan, NC, USA F35519
4 Smith / McGuire  1830Rowan, NC, USA F15547