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Latitude: 39.0457549, Longitude: -76.6412712


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna F  c 1755MD I42543
2 Mary  ca 1853MD I66118
3 Rebecca  MD I03187
4 Dartha  MD I00566
5 Drury, Ann  c 1786MD I17765
6 Hunter, Susan B  5 Jan 1830MD I2392
7 Jenkins, Susannah  After 1746MD I53561
8 Schmidt, Andrew D  1798MD I39453
9 Schmidt, Anna Mary Christina  1746MD I31652
10 Schmidt, Johann Michael  c 1774MD I39454
11 Smith, Abraham  11 Apr 1755MD I31243
12 Smith, Abraham  c 1790MD I23474
13 Smith, Aquilla  30 Mar 1759MD I21992
14 Smith, Christian  1755MD I40139
15 Smith, Daniel  c 1762MD I26293
16 Smith, Edward  1720MD I22418
17 Smith, Ernest G  1894MD I39496
18 Smith, Fergus II  1735MD I49816
19 Smith, Francis Fenwick  24 May 1828MD I56516
20 Smith, George  c 1730MD I50367
21 Smith, George  1826MD I39465
22 Smith, James  1760MD I46431
23 Smith, James W  c 1846MD I51135
24 Smith, John  c 1801MD I46468
25 Smith, John  c 1802MD I22179
26 Smith, John Jordan  c 1698MD I53560
27 Smith, Joseph  1763MD I20632
28 Smith, Marshall  c 1775MD I50370
29 Smith, Marshall  1775MD I59440
30 Smith, Marshall  c 1775MD I59442
31 Smith, Mary K  c 1834MD I42545
32 Smith, Mary Reed  21 Jul 1820MD I59592
33 Smith, Matthew  1745MD I53558
34 Smith, Michael  26 Jun 1764MD I60145
35 Smith, Moses Claywell  c 1797MD I22178
36 Smith, Nathan  1656MD I30423
37 Smith, Nathan  1798MD I26294
38 Smith, Nicholas  c 1726MD I61550
39 Smith, Patrick  23 Dec 1760MD I48692
40 Smith, Philip K  1832MD I42544
41 Smith, Richard  c 1799MD I42542
42 Smith, Ruth  25 Dec 1791MD I21996
43 Smith, Samuel Sr  Abt 1710MD I1532
44 Smith, Sydney Edward  1914MD I38123
45 Smith, Thomas Jr  c 1653MD I30422
46 Smith, Thomas B  c 1818MD I22181
47 Smith, Thomas Emery  c 1843MD I37504
48 Smith, William  MD I40712
49 Varetta, Josephine  c 896MD I22773
50 Wable, Susannah  Sep 1811MD I02083


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jenkins, Susannah  After 1776MD I53561
2 Smith, Cyrus Talbot  1898MD I49869
3 Smith, Daniel  1817MD I48687
4 Smith, George  21 Dec 1839MD I2376
5 Smith, James  1693MD I50696
6 Smith, John Jordan  Bef 13 Dec 1776MD I53560
7 Smith, Mahlon Carlton  1947MD I39476
8 Smith, Martha  Dec 1843MD I30448
9 Smith, Matthew  Bef Apr 1775MD I53558
10 Smith, Matthew  13 Apr 1842MD I59589
11 Smith, William  29 Mar 1830MD I60046
12 Smith, William Coale  MD I30434


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Smith /   MD F9526
2 Smith / Jane  1789MD F8599