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Lewis Co, (W)V

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Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burrough, David H  1842Lewis Co, (W)V I81626
2 Burrough, Elizabeth A  1852Lewis Co, (W)V I81630
3 Burrough, George W  1840Lewis Co, (W)V I81625
4 Burrough, Jacob M.  1846Lewis Co, (W)V I81628
5 Burrough, James F  1863Lewis Co, (W)V I81635
6 Burrough, Louisa\Lovenia  1854Lewis Co, (W)V I81631
7 Burrough, Martha Matilda  1856Lewis Co, (W)V I81632
8 Burrough, Melikia Jane  1848Lewis Co, (W)V I81629
9 Burrough, Samantha L  1860Lewis Co, (W)V I81634
10 Burrough, Victoria  1857Lewis Co, (W)V I81633
11 Burrough, William H  1844Lewis Co, (W)V I81627
12 Carpenter, Deborah  29 Dec 1836Lewis Co, (W)V I81401
13 Claypole, Eliza J  1853Lewis Co, (W)V I80280
14 Cutright, Christina Jane  May 1847Lewis Co, (W)V I80276
15 Davis, Harriett C. (Virginia?)  13 Nov 1848Lewis Co, (W)V I79777
16 Forinash, Charles  7 Jul 1836Lewis Co, (W)V I81400
17 Forinash, George Oliver  17 Sep 1856Lewis Co, (W)V I80219
18 Forinash, Jemima  1832Lewis Co, (W)V I81399
19 Garvin, Phebe Jane  Abt 1854Lewis Co, (W)V I79197
20 Goodwin, Rachel Catharine  1839Lewis Co, (W)V I81636
21 Helmick, Margaret H  1828Lewis Co, (W)V I79256
22 Johns, Elizabeth  Apr 1844Lewis Co, (W)V I80281
23 Linger, George Washington  Abt 1832Lewis Co, (W)V I81640
24 McCord, John Thomas  3 Jan 1875Lewis Co, (W)V I79212
25 Simons, Anthony Jr  16 Jul 1857Lewis Co, (W)V I80186
26 Smith, Christopher  1843Lewis Co, (W)V I79766
27 Smith, Edward Sylvester  28 Jan 1859Lewis Co, (W)V I79182
28 Smith, John C.  1825Lewis Co, (W)V I79255
29 Smith, Lafayette Lee  23 Dec 1856Lewis Co, (W)V I79181
30 Smith, Margaret A.  Abt 1834Lewis Co, (W)V I79178
31 Smith, Marietta Louisa  29 Mar 1860Lewis Co, (W)V I80294
32 Smith, Nathan  May 1836Lewis Co, (W)V I79764
33 Smith, Ruben  15 Mar 1856Lewis Co, (W)V I80300
34 Smith, Sarah C  3 May 1861Lewis Co, (W)V I80223
35 Smith, Tabitha Ellen  2 Apr 1858Lewis Co, (W)V I80293
36 Ware, Susan Jane  Jun 1852Lewis Co, (W)V I80270
37 Welsh, Isaiah  Bef 1852Lewis Co, (W)V I81639
38 Westfall, Rebecca A.  Abt 1837Lewis Co, (W)V I79172
39 Westfall, Susanna  Jan 1845Lewis Co, (W)V I80279
40 Wetzel, Alvinza Whitman  14 Oct 1856Lewis Co, (W)V I80331
41 Wetzel, Flavius  Feb 1855Lewis Co, (W)V I80330


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rhoda  Mar 1860Lewis Co, (W)V I81739
2 Simons, Anthony Jr  Bef 1860Lewis Co, (W)V I80186
3 Smith, Elias  Between 1860 and 1870Lewis Co, (W)V I81646
4 Wallace, Mary Ann  1807Lewis Co, (W)V I80527


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burrough / Smith  1839Lewis Co, (W)V F29154
2 Forinash / Moore  24 Nov 1851Lewis Co, (W)V F29811
3 Forinash / Smith  17 May 1859Lewis Co, (W)V F29825
4 Penniger / Allen  19 Nov 1855Lewis Co, (W)V F29342
5 Penniger / Smith  10 Jan 1835Lewis Co, (W)V F29160
6 Smith / Burrough  17 Mar 1849Lewis Co, (W)V F29155
7 Smith / Flesher  9 May 1822Lewis Co, (W)V F29159
8 Smith / Helmick  6 Sep 1855Lewis Co, (W)V F28978
9 Smith / Linger  24 Jun 1846Lewis Co, (W)V F29163
10 Smith / Peterson  15 Aug 1826Lewis Co, (W)V F29164
11 Smith / Ware  29 Dec 1861Lewis Co, (W)V F29356
12 Smith / Westfall  23 Aug 1855Lewis Co, (W)V F28952