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Greenville Co., SC

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beacham, Carrie Alice  1881Greenville Co., SC I77860
2 Brissey, May  24 Mar 1904Greenville Co., SC I80996
3 Cox, John  1870Greenville Co., SC I77858
4 Cox, Oliver L.  1865Greenville Co., SC I93701
5 Henderson, James Robert  Jul 1874Greenville Co., SC I93683
6 Henderson, Mary Emma  1871Greenville Co., SC I93682
7 Smith, Andrew Mosley  1872Greenville Co., SC I80980
8 Smith, Elma  1879Greenville Co., SC I80985
9 Smith, Hovey Lee  7 Oct 1875Greenville Co., SC I80982
10 Smith, Ida Eulalah  15 Apr 1870Greenville Co., SC I80983
11 Smith, Janie  Dec 1887Greenville Co., SC I80987
12 Smith, Maude Othella  27 Oct 1876Greenville Co., SC I80984
13 Smith, Rhoda D.  17 Dec 1871Greenville Co., SC I80979
14 Smith, Twetty A.  31 Mar 1885Greenville Co., SC I80986
15 Smith, Walter Austin  10 Oct 1873Greenville Co., SC I80981


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, William W.  Greenville Co., Sc I77952
2 Black, Dianna Priscilla  7 Jan 1865Greenville Co., SC I78449
3 Bramblett, Mary Ann "Molly"  1927Greenville Co., SC I77962
4 Brissey, May  4 Nov 1962Greenville Co., SC I80996
5 Ferguson, Josephine  1873Greenville Co., SC I77963
6 Hearn, Mary  12 Aug 1857Greenville Co., SC I78397
7 Holland, Daniel Webster  1921Greenville Co., SC I77958
8 Matthews, John H.  18 Apr 1895Greenville Co., SC I78037
9 Matthews, William  7 Aug 1879Greenville Co., SC I78396
10 Smith, Elliott  Greenville Co., SC I77922
11 Smith, George Sewell  Dec 1843Greenville Co., SC I77918
12 Smith, Hovey Lee  30 Jun 1951Greenville Co., SC I80982
13 Smith, John Pattie L. (R-M269-10)  15 Apr 1862Greenville Co., SC I77867
14 Smith, John Pattie Lindsay  7 Jul 1911Greenville Co., SC I77955
15 Smith, Lizzy Iloan  27 Aug 2002Greenville Co., SC I78004
16 Smith, Martha Ann  25 Juky 1910Greenville Co., SC I77957
17 Smith, Matilda Jane  26 Jun 1907Greenville Co., SC I77944
18 Smith, Sarah Ann  Bef 1851Greenville Co., SC I78424
19 Smith, Swindon Solomon  25 Mar 1985Greenville Co., SC I78001
20 Smith, Walter Earle  2Aug 1963Greenville Co., SC I77999
21 Unknown, Unknown  Greenville Co., SC I78124
22 Yeargin, Mary "Polly" Washington  Greenville Co., SC I77951
23 Yeargin, Sarah Washington  1904Greenville Co., SC I77956


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kelley / Matthews  7 Dec 1888Greenville Co., SC F28482