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Essex Co,VA,USA

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Latitude: 37.9671684, Longitude: -76.9643060


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Ann  1731Essex Co,VA,USA I34606
2 Croxton, William S  26 Feb 1799Essex Co,VA,USA I105244
3 Garnett, Ann  1726Essex Co,VA,USA I01997
4 Garnett, Anthony  Abt 1709Essex Co,VA,USA I01936
5 Garnett, Avie  Abt 1721Essex Co,VA,USA I01994
6 Garnett, Joyce  Abt 1717Essex Co,VA,USA I01993
7 Garnett, Sarah  1713Essex Co,VA,USA I01991
8 Garnett, Thomas  1723Essex Co,VA,USA I01995
9 Harper, Ambrose  1743Essex Co,VA,USA I18147
10 Jones, Robert  Abt 1690Essex Co,VA,USA I02326
11 Meriwether, Elizabeth  c 1699Essex Co,VA,USA I15355
12 Meriwether, Mary  c 1696Essex Co,VA,USA I105194
13 Merriweather, Lucy  c 1711Essex Co,VA,USA I34605
14 Montague, Margaret  Before 1721Essex Co,VA,USA I37665
15 Paine, Rachel  Before 1721Essex Co,VA,USA I37667
16 Slaughter, Robert  1702Essex Co,VA,USA I42774
17 Smith, Ann Hunt  3 Sep 1784Essex Co,VA,USA I40004
18 Smith, Charles M  1740Essex Co,VA,USA I46069
19 Smith, Constantine  16 Sep 1717Essex Co,VA,USA I42790
20 Smith, Elizabeth  29 Sep 1659Essex Co,VA,USA I111245
21 Smith, Elizabeth  1661Essex Co,VA,USA I111246
22 Smith, Elizabeth  25 Dec 1737Essex Co,VA,USA I15360
23 Smith, Francis  1749Essex Co,VA,USA I34607
24 Smith, George William  1762Essex Co,VA,USA I34625
25 Smith, Griffin  1749Essex Co,VA,USA I63834
26 Smith, James  18 Feb 1758Essex Co,VA,USA I828
27 Smith, James  18 Feb 1758Essex Co,VA,USA I39990
28 Smith, Jane  7 Oct 1768Essex Co,VA,USA I39994
29 Smith, John T  1770Essex Co,VA,USA I34610
30 smith, Louisa  c 1800Essex Co,VA,USA I7918
31 Smith, Lucy Dangerfield  10 Jun 1773Essex Co,VA,USA I34627
32 Smith, Mary  13 Jul 1713Essex Co,VA,USA I42772
33 Smith, Mary Webb  18 Sep 1763Essex Co,VA,USA I39991
34 Smith, Nicholas  Abt 1706Essex Co,VA,USA I14273
35 Smith, Redmon  1760Essex Co,VA,USA I30757
36 Smith, Richard Lee  2 Apr 1794Essex Co,VA,USA I34631
37 Smith, Robert  1772Essex Co,VA,USA I30760
38 Smith, Samuel  c 1719Essex Co,VA,USA I37666
39 Smith, Samuel  3 Dec 1729Essex Co,VA,USA I28890
40 Smith, Samuel Jr  25 Sep 1763Essex Co,VA,USA I28892
41 smith, Stephen  c 1756Essex Co,VA,USA I7916
42 Smith, Stephen  c 1756Essex Co,VA,USA I6929
43 Smith, Thomas Adams  12 Aug 1781Essex Co,VA,USA I34609
44 Smith, William  c 1745Essex Co,VA,USA I34617
45 Smith, William Griffin  1765Essex Co,VA,USA I37668


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Apr 1746Essex Co,VA,USA I02327
2 Adams, Ann  1775Essex Co,VA,USA I34606
3 Croxton, William S  3 Jan 1860Essex Co,VA,USA I105244
4 Dangerfield, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1793Essex Co,VA,USA I34624
5 Jones, Robert  1733Essex Co,VA,USA I02326
6 Lee, Alice  1769Essex Co,VA,USA I34623
7 Lee, John  1777Essex Co,VA,USA I119321
8 Meriwether, Francis  After 12 Feb 1712Essex Co,VA,USA I15348
9 Merriweather, Lucy  c 1741Essex Co,VA,USA I34605
10 Smith, Constantine  1770Essex Co,VA,USA I42790
11 Smith, Francis  1762Essex Co,VA,USA I34604
12 Smith, Gregory  1737Essex Co,VA,USA I14057
13 Smith, Nicholas Jr  c 1755Essex Co,VA,USA I83029
14 Smith, Samuel  1834Essex Co,VA,USA I14303
15 smith, Stephen  After 21 Aug 1815Essex Co,VA,USA I7916
16 Smith, Thomas  1734Essex Co,VA,USA I37664
17 Smith, William  c 1760Essex Co,VA,USA I30749
18 Smith, William  1785Essex Co,VA,USA I34617
19 Webb, James Jr  Dec 1773Essex Co,VA,USA I93260


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Bond    Person ID 
1 Smith, Francis  16 Jun 1741Essex Co,VA,USA I34604

Land Deed

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land Deed    Person ID 
1 Smith, Nicholas Jr  15 Jul 1729Essex Co,VA,USA I83029
2 Smith, Nicholas Jr  1733Essex Co,VA,USA I83029

Tax List/Entry

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax List/Entry    Person ID 
1 Smith, Meriwether  1779Essex Co,VA,USA I34616
2 Smith, Meriwether  1783Essex Co,VA,USA I34616


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WILL    Person ID 
1 Smith, Samuel  1734Essex Co,VA,USA I14303


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ayers / Smith  1752Essex Co,VA,USA F4493
2 Jones /   Essex Co,VA,USA F00815
3 Smith / Webb  1761Essex Co,VA,USA F10339
4 Smith / Wilson  28 Sep 1795Essex Co,VA,USA F10921