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Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA

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Latitude: 41.3890052, Longitude: -70.5133599


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mayhew, Jediah  1656Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25448
2 Smith, Benjamin Jr  29 Dec 1691Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25453
3 Smith, David  1758Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I54968
4 Smith, Harlock  c 1740Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I54969
5 Smith, John  16 Nov 1755Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I61571
6 Smith, Joseph  1736Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25458
7 Smith, Mathias  22 May 1728Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I26419
8 Smith, Rainsford  1722Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I26416
9 Smith, Samuel  Jun 1728Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I55114
10 Smith, Samuel  1760Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I55119
11 Smith, Thomas  1724Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I26417


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mayhew, Jediah  6 Jan 1736Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25448
2 Pease, Love  7 Oct 1835Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I55123
3 Smith, Benjamin Jr  18 Dec 1737Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25453
4 Smith, Ebenezer  26 May 1793Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25456
5 Smith, Holmes Wass  Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I70115
6 Smith, John  5 Aug 1830Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I61571
7 Smith, Samuel  27 Oct 1796Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I55114
8 Smith, Samuel  10 Aug 1838Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I55119