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Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA

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Latitude: 41.3890052, Longitude: -70.5133599


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mayhew, Jediah  1656Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25448
2 Mayhew, Thomas III  1650Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I114352
3 Smith, Abiah  1698Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25455
4 Smith, Benjamin Jr  29 Dec 1691Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25453
5 Smith, David  1758Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I54968
6 Smith, Dorcas  1687Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25452
7 Smith, Harlock  c 1740Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I54969
8 Smith, John  16 Nov 1755Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I61571
9 Smith, Joseph  1736Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25458
10 Smith, Mathias  22 May 1728Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I26419
11 Smith, Rainsford  1722Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I26416
12 Smith, Samuel  Jun 1728Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I55114
13 Smith, Samuel  1760Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I55119
14 Smith, Thomas  1724Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I26417


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mayhew, Jediah  6 Jan 1736Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25448
2 Pease, Love  7 Oct 1835Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I55123
3 Smith, Abiah  10 Feb 1730Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25455
4 Smith, Benjamin Jr  18 Dec 1737Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25453
5 Smith, Ebenezer  26 May 1793Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I25456
6 Smith, Holmes Wass  Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I70115
7 Smith, John  5 Aug 1830Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I61571
8 Smith, Samuel  27 Oct 1796Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I55114
9 Smith, Samuel  10 Aug 1838Edgartown,Dukes Co,MA,USA I55119