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Cumberland Co,VA,USA

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Latitude: 37.5175385, Longitude: -78.2476146


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hancock, Ann  1762Cumberland Co,VA,USA I30114
2 Read, Edith  1852Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16921
3 Smith, Ann Bird  Abt 1800Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16936
4 Smith, Anthony Garnett  30 Aug 1776Cumberland Co,VA,USA I45441
5 Smith, Arthur John  5 Sep 1866Cumberland Co,VA,USA I22144
6 Smith, Arthur John Jr  5 Aug 1916Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16913
7 Smith, Ava  Abt 1811Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16938
8 Smith, Cornelius Hubbard  23 Aug 1920Cumberland Co,VA,USA I22146
9 Smith, Elizabeth  25 Dec 1763Cumberland Co,VA,USA I51439
10 Smith, Elizabeth Baughan  22 Apr 1899Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16909
11 Smith, George Marshall  Abt 1832Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16929
12 Smith, George Rapene  15 Mar 1747Cumberland Co,VA,USA I36921
13 Smith, George Stovall  11 Apr 1750Cumberland Co,VA,USA I36918
14 Smith, Harry Milton  12 May 1927Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16916
15 Smith, Henrietta J.  Mar 1835Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16931
16 Smith, James  Cumberland Co,VA,USA I46826
17 Smith, James M  Cumberland Co,VA,USA I48338
18 Smith, Janie Alice  20 Sep 1897Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16908
19 Smith, John Milton  Abt 1818Cumberland Co,VA,USA I63403
20 Smith, Joseph  Bef 1758Cumberland Co,VA,USA I26232
21 Smith, Leland  24 Feb 1918Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16914
22 Smith, Louisianna S.  Abt 1837Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16932
23 Smith, Mariah C.F.  Abt 1816Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16923
24 Smith, Martha  Abt 1798Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16935
25 Smith, Martha  Abt 1833Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16930
26 Smith, Martha Virginia  8 Jul 1912Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16911
27 Smith, Mary A. E.  Abt 1824Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16925
28 Smith, Mary Ann  c 1749Cumberland Co,VA,USA I43274
29 Smith, Mary Christine  4 Sep 1910Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16910
30 Smith, Milton Arthur  20 May 1894Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16906
31 Smith, Moses  1761Cumberland Co,VA,USA I26583
32 Smith, Moses Arnold  Abt. 1825Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16926
33 Smith, Nicholas  c 1700Cumberland Co,VA,USA I42793
34 Smith, Obadiah  1763Cumberland Co,VA,USA I36824
35 Smith, Pleasant  Abt 1803Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16937
36 Smith, Pleasant Cary  1830Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16928
37 Smith, Reuben  17 Jul 1756Cumberland Co,VA,USA I34611
38 Smith, Robert  Cumberland Co,VA,USA I13624
39 Smith, Robert Jr  7 Feb 1749Cumberland Co,VA,USA I45433
40 Smith, Robert  ca1794Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16934
41 Smith, Sarah  Abt 1814Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16939
42 Smith, Susan  Abt. 1827Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16927
43 Smith, Thomas J.  31 Dec 1869Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16922
44 Smith, Thomas Stokes  29 Aug 1719Cumberland Co,VA,USA I23441
45 Smith, Vara Agnus  11 Jul 1914Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16912
46 Smith, Viola  1867Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16917
47 Smith, William  c 1717Cumberland Co,VA,USA I23440
48 Smith, William James  1822Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16924
49 Smith, William M.  1815Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16940
50 Smith, William Thomas  19 Feb 1896Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16907


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Gillea  Before 1822Cumberland Co,VA,USA I22141
2 Baughan, Nina Harner  20 Jul 1901Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16825
3 Bosher, Elizabeth  Before 1860Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16752
4 Cawthorne, Maude Virginia  12 Mar 1974Cumberland Co,VA,USA I22145
5 Gills, Lucy Jane  20 Nov 1919Cumberland Co,VA,USA I22143
6 Pool, Paulina  5 Dec 1882Cumberland Co,VA,USA I80185
7 Read, Edith  After 5 May 1920Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16921
8 Smith, Arthur John  28 Nov 1948Cumberland Co,VA,USA I22144
9 Smith, Baxter M  1909Cumberland Co,VA,USA I80251
10 Smith, Byrd  23 Jul 1827Cumberland Co,VA,USA I22140
11 Smith, Elizabeth Baughan  19 Feb 1984Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16909
12 Smith, Harry Milton  12 May 1927Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16916
13 Smith, Henrietta J.  1928Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16931
14 Smith, Janie Alice  8 Jan 1954Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16908
15 Smith, John  Aft. 19 Jul 1860Cumberland Co,VA,USA I22142
16 Smith, John Milton  4 May 1889Cumberland Co,VA,USA I63403
17 Smith, Lawrence  6 Jun 1834Cumberland Co,VA,USA I52140
18 Smith, Leland  24 Feb 1918Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16914
19 Smith, Martha Virginia  16 Nov 1912Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16911
20 Smith, Mary Ann  2 Jan 1820Cumberland Co,VA,USA I50816
21 Smith, Mary C  1880Cumberland Co,VA,USA I80235
22 Smith, Mary Christine  14 Jun 1994Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16910
23 Smith, Moses Arnold  Bef. 23 Apr 1888Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16926
24 Smith, Pleasant Cary  1904Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16928
25 Smith, Robert  Between 1771-25 Nov 1776Cumberland Co,VA,USA I22138
26 Smith, Robert  Before 1880Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16934
27 Smith, Thomas J.  3 Nov 1943Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16922
28 Smith, Viola  1867Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16917
29 Smith, William James  6 Jul 1872Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16924
30 Smith, William Thomas  3 Sep 1964Cumberland Co,VA,USA I16907
31 Surname-Unknown, Elizabeth  1804Cumberland Co,VA,USA I22139


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Smith /   20 May 1847Cumberland Co,VA,USA F17419
2 Smith / Bosher  18 Oct 1815Cumberland Co,VA,USA F8131
3 Smith / Johnson  Dec 1818Cumberland Co,VA,USA F6363
4 Smith / Smith  27 May 1847Cumberland Co,VA,USA F15558

Family C e n s u s

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   Family    Family C e n s u s    Family ID 
1 Smith / Bosher  1850Cumberland Co,VA,USA F8131
2 Smith / Surname-Unknown  1850Cumberland Co,VA,USA F8129
3 Walker / Smith  1782Cumberland Co,VA,USA F18354
4 Walker / Smith  1820Cumberland Co,VA,USA F18354
5 Walker / Smith  1840Cumberland Co,VA,USA F18354