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Culpeper Co,VA,USA

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Latitude: 38.4918210, Longitude: -77.9738650


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bleason, Mary  03 Aug 1755Culpeper Co,VA,USA I00875
2 Etherton, Agatha  1772Culpeper Co,VA,USA I00876
3 Gaines, Lucy A.  17 Nov 1818Culpeper Co,VA,USA I32537
4 Garnett, Elizabeth  16 Apr 1744Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01931
5 Garnett, John  1755Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01989
6 Garnett, Lucy  1740Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01985
7 Garnett, Reuben  27 Jul 1753Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01988
8 Garnett, Sally  1748Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01987
9 Garnett, Thomas  1737Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01984
10 James, Elizabeth  1745Culpeper Co,VA,USA I42094
11 Miller, Susan  14 Aug 1821Culpeper Co,VA,USA I8600
12 Sims, Hannah  c 1746Culpeper Co,VA,USA I46090
13 Smith, Abijah D.  18 Oct 1816Culpeper Co,VA,USA I32533
14 Smith, Catey  c 1786Culpeper Co,VA,USA I51300
15 Smith, Downing Rucker  c 1757Culpeper Co,VA,USA I45486
16 Smith, Edward  21 Dec 1755Culpeper Co,VA,USA I49570
17 Smith, George  11 Mar 1747Culpeper Co,VA,USA I27102
18 Smith, Hedgeman  1788Culpeper Co,VA,USA I32531
19 Smith, Jacob  c 1740Culpeper Co,VA,USA I22421
20 Smith, Jesse  c 1775Culpeper Co,VA,USA I18599
21 Smith, John  1733Culpeper Co,VA,USA I49704
22 Smith, Nicholas  c 1739Culpeper Co,VA,USA I22420
23 Smith, Phillip  12 Feb 1789Culpeper Co,VA,USA I49572
24 Smith, Susan  c 1787Culpeper Co,VA,USA I44774
25 Smith, William  c 1754Culpeper Co,VA,USA I44769
26 Smith, William  15 Nov 1765Culpeper Co,VA,USA I54435
27 Smith, William Broadus  13 Apr 1841/2Culpeper Co,VA,USA I32583
28 Smith, William Downing  c 1772Culpeper Co,VA,USA I45488
29 Smith, Zacharias  c 1742Culpeper Co,VA,USA I20898
30 Washburn, Benjamin A.  1752Culpeper Co,VA,USA I00864
31 Washburn, Charles  1744Culpeper Co,VA,USA I00855
32 Washburn, Eley  1739Culpeper Co,VA,USA I03207
33 Washburn, Eli  1767Culpeper Co,VA,USA I00870
34 Washburn, Isaac  1746Culpeper Co,VA,USA I00865
35 Washburn, James  1748Culpeper Co,VA,USA I00866
36 Washburn, Lewis  1765Culpeper Co,VA,USA I00869
37 Washburn, Moses  14 Aug 1763Culpeper Co,VA,USA I00868
38 Washburn, Philip  Abt 1754Culpeper Co,VA,USA I00871
39 Washburn, Reuben  Abt 1761Culpeper Co,VA,USA I00873
40 Washburn, Sarah  Abt 1742Culpeper Co,VA,USA I00872
41 Willis, Alexander  1773Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01946
42 Willis, Benjamin  1769Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01944
43 Willis, Elizabeth  1788Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01949
44 Willis, Isaac  1763Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01941
45 Willis, John  1765Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01942
46 Willis, Joseph  1775Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01947
47 Willis, Joshua  1777Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01948
48 Willis, Reuben  1767Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01943
49 Willis, Robert  1771Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01945
50 Willis, William  22 Feb 1743Culpeper Co,VA,USA I01930


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Schmidt, Matthaus  1755Culpeper Co,VA,USA I61161
2 Smith, Hedgeman  17 Oct 1865Culpeper Co,VA,USA I32531
3 Washburn, Eley  Aft 1785Culpeper Co,VA,USA I03207
4 Washburn, John  Sep 1779Culpeper Co,VA,USA I00862


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Browning / Washburn  Between 1758 and 1790Culpeper Co,VA,USA F00440
2 Gearing / Smith  Oct 1823Culpeper Co,VA,USA F16194
3 Smith / Marshall   1741Culpeper Co,VA,USA F11403
4 Washburn / Etherton  27 Sep 1792Culpeper Co,VA,USA F00437

Census (Family)

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   Family    Census (Family)    Family ID 
1 Smith / Casper  1810Culpeper Co,VA,USA F11207
2 Smith / Casper  1820Culpeper Co,VA,USA F11207
3 Smith / Casper  1840Culpeper Co,VA,USA F11207