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Burke Co, NC, USA

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Notes: Burke County formed from Rowan County in 1777
First survey map of NC
Adam Smith, Jared Smith (First company), Jas Smith (4th company), Jno Smith (6th company), Jno Smith (8th company), Jno Smith (11th company), Jno Smith, (Jo Smith Nat Smith-11th company), Nathan Smith(5th company), Phil Smith (11th company), Saml Smith(8th company w Griders), Sarah Smith (8th company), Solomon Smith (8th company), Thomas Smith (12th company), Thos Smith (Second Company), Wm Smith 8th company), Zadock Smith (Second Company)
(Abraham Smith, John Smith Jr, John Smith), (Adam Smith, William Smith), Daniel Smith, Thomas Smith, Benjamin Smith, Bennett Smith,(Samuel Smith, Henry Smith, Henry smith, George Smith, James Smith, Zedekiah Smith -all same page, Thomas Smith top of next page) Nancy Smith, Thomas Smith, Henry Smith - all same page) (James Smith, Jarit Smith), Sally Smith, (John Smith Jun, Abraham Smith, John Smith), Nathan, Solomon,

1810 Morganton, Burke Co NC
(Jesse?Zept? Smith), Abraham Smith, Abraham Smith, Adam Smith, Adam Smith, Anthony SMith, Catherine Smith, Christena Smith, Daniel smith, David Smith, Elijah Smith, Eliza Smith, Elizah Smith, Gallian Smith, George Smith, Henry Smith, Henry Smith, Henry mith, James smith, Janet Smith, Jery Smith, John Smith, John Smith, John Smith, Samuel Smith, William Smith, William Smith
1820 (Burke, NC)
Abraham Smith, Barney Smith, Carly Smith, Daniel Smith, Davis Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Garret Smith, George Smith, George Smith Junior, Henry Smith, Henry Smith, Henry Smith, Dutch Henry Smith, Jacob Smith, James smith, Jesse Smith, John Smith, John Smith, John Smith Senior, John Smith Senior, Mary Smith, Nathan Smith, Rachel Smith, Samuel Smith, Samuel SMith, Thomas Smith Junior, Thomas Smith Junior, William Smith
1820 Waynesboro, Burke Co GA
Benjamin Smith, David smith, James J Smith, John Smith, Joseph K SMith, NOah Smith, William Smith
John Smith, Absalom Smith, Acel Smith, Adam Smith, Alexander Smith, Barney Smith, )Capt? Smith), Christian Smith, Cleo Smith, Daniel Smith, Daniel Smith, David Smith, Elijah Smith, Ellis Smith, George Smith Jr, George Smith, George Smith Jr, Henry Smith, Henry Smith, Henry Smith, Henry Smith, Hezekiah Smith, Isaac Smith, Isaac Smith, James Smith, James Smith Jr, Jesse Smith, Joel Smith, John Smith, John Smith, John Smith Esquire, John Smith, Joseph Smith, MOrgan Smith, Rachel Smith, Rebecca Smith, Saml Smith, Saml Smith, Saml Smith, Thomas Smith, Thomas Smith Jr, Thomas C Smith, Thomas H Smith, Tolemund Smith, William Smith, William Smith, William Smith, Wm Smith, Zechariah Smith, Roert Wilson Smith
1840 Burke Co NC- West of North Fork
Jas Smith, John Smith, John Smith, Leander Smith, Wesley Smith, Abraham Smith, Abraham Smith, Burton Smith, C D Smith, Cash Smith, George W Smith, Isaac Smith, Jas Smith, Jas Smith, Jas Smith, Jas M Smith, Samuel Smith, Thos Smith, Wm Smith , Wm Smith, Zac Smith
1840 North Catawba River
Adam Smith, George Smith, George Smith, Henry Smith, Henry Smith, Henry Smith, Henry Smith, Isaac Smith, Isaac Smith, Keziah Smith, Soleman Smith, Thomas Smith
1840 Morganton
C D Smith, Cuff (Griff?) Smith, Jas Smith, Samuel Smith
1840 Denham Creek
Citty Smith
1840 Burke Co NC
Joah (Joab?) Smith, Morgan Smith
1850 Burke Co NC - see also Caldwell Co NC and Wilkes Co NC
John b 1766 NC, Henry b 1776 NC, elizabeth b 1778 NC, Elizabeth b 1778 NC, James Smith b 1778 NC, Mary Smith b 1785 NC, Catharine Smith b 1786 NC, Elizabeth Smith b 1790 NC, Thomas Smith b 1793 NC, Samuel Smith b 1798 NC, Nancy Smith b 1801 NC, James Smith b 1801 NC, Thomas Smith b 1802 NC, Sarah Smith b 1803 NC, Joseph Smith b 1804 NC, Margaret Smith b 1805 NC, John Smith b 1805 NC, John Smith b 1808 NC, Mary Smith b 1810 NC, George W Smith b 1810 NC, J Madison Smith b 1810 NC, Elizabeth Smith b 1812 NC, M M B SMith b 1812 NC, Mary smith b 1812 NC, Dorcas Smith b 1813 NC, Elizabeth Smith b 1813 NC, Jane smith b 1814 NC, Abraham Smith b 1815 NC, Nancy Smith b 1816 NC, Wesley Smith b 1816 NC, Gustin b 1818 NC, Moses smith b 1818 NC, Adolphus Smith b 1819 NC, Cinthia Smith b 1821 NC, Mary Smith b 1821 NC, Passenfare Smith b 1822 NC, Roland Smith b 1822 NC, Mary Smith b 1823 NC, S J Smith b 1823 E TN, Nancy Smith b 1825 NC, Golston Smith b 1826 NC, Thomas Smith b 1826 NC, Arch Smith b 1827 NC, Saml Smith b 1827 NC, Rebecca Smith b 1828 NC, Catherine Smith b 1829 NC, Hezekiah Smith b 1829 NC, Jackson Smith b 1829 NC, Wm Smith b 1829 NC, Elender Smith b 1830 NC, Mary Smith b 1830 NC, David SMith 1830 NC, Jesse Smith b 1830, Elizabeth smith b 1831 NC, Alexander Smith b 1831 NC, Jeremiah Smith b 1831 NC......


Latitude: 35.7616931, Longitude: -81.7349420


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Austin, Elisha  6 Oct 1805Burke Co, NC, USA I5452
2 Higgins, John  1782Burke Co, NC, USA I53386
3 Ridings, Elizabeth  1780Burke Co, NC, USA I5455
4 Sherrill, Sarah  1805Burke Co, NC, USA I5453
5 Smith, Anthony  c 1791Burke Co, NC, USA I28430
6 Smith, Asael  1800Burke Co, NC, USA I18601
7 Smith, Celia  1785Burke Co, NC, USA I28440
8 Smith, Cynthia  1778Burke Co, NC, USA I28436
9 Smith, Cynthia  1811Burke Co, NC, USA I28447
10 Smith, Dorcus  1788Burke Co, NC, USA I28437
11 Smith, Elizabeth  17 Jan 1805Burke Co, NC, USA I28445
12 Smith, Frederick  c 1785Burke Co, NC, USA I64701
13 Smith, Fredrick Murrah  25 Oct 1809Burke Co, NC, USA I28446
14 Smith, Gabriel  1781Burke Co, NC, USA I2498
15 Smith, Grover Russell  23 Apr 1898Burke Co, NC, USA I28467
16 Smith, Harold Russell  6 Feb 1919Burke Co, NC, USA I28469
17 Smith, Henry M  Jul 1828Burke Co, NC, USA I18603
18 Smith, James C  1831Burke Co, NC, USA I11877
19 Smith, John H  c 1825Burke Co, NC, USA I11901
20 Smith, Marcus Columbus  25 Jan 1860Burke Co, NC, USA I53733
21 Smith, Martin  1782Burke Co, NC, USA I64700
22 Smith, Nancy  c 1820Burke Co, NC, USA I28449
23 Smith, Roland  30 Jan 1817Burke Co, NC, USA I28448
24 Smith, Russell Augustus  1877Burke Co, NC, USA I28465
25 Smith, Samuel  1781Burke Co, NC, USA I28433
26 Smith, Samuel  c 1796Burke Co, NC, USA I64702
27 Smith, Solomon  1802Burke Co, NC, USA I28444
28 Smith, William  c 1794Burke Co, NC, USA I64703


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Craig, Aaron  1864Burke Co, NC, USA I2159
2 Smith, Asael  1833Burke Co, NC, USA I18601
3 Smith, Eben  13 May 1928Burke Co, NC, USA I56304
4 Smith, Henry  May 1860Burke Co, NC, USA I28428
5 Smith, Jesse  1830Burke Co, NC, USA I18599
6 Smith, Nancy  After 1880Burke Co, NC, USA I28449
7 Smith, Roland  20 Feb 1889Burke Co, NC, USA I28448
8 Smith, Russell Augustus  1963Burke Co, NC, USA I28465
9 Smith, Zadock  Sep 1818Burke Co, NC, USA I64148


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Smith / Fincannon  18 Dec 1822Burke Co, NC, USA F10216
2 Smith / Grider  1777Burke Co, NC, USA F22980
3 Smith / Penley  1865Burke Co, NC, USA F4646
4 Smith / Sparks  5 Sep 1883Burke Co, NC, USA F16581
5 Smith / Thomas  1852Burke Co, NC, USA F7023

Census (Family)

Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Census (Family)    Family ID 
1 Craig / Cook  1830Burke Co, NC, USA F6595
2 Craig / Cook  1840Burke Co, NC, USA F6595
3 Smith /   1790Burke Co, NC, USA F1193
4 Smith /   1830Burke Co, NC, USA F4631
5 Smith /   1830Burke Co, NC, USA F7022
6 Smith /   1850Burke Co, NC, USA F7022
7 Smith / Fincannon  1830Burke Co, NC, USA F10216
8 Smith / Grider  1800Burke Co, NC, USA F22980
9 Smith / Hayes  1830Burke Co, NC, USA F19447
10 Smith / Hayes  1840Burke Co, NC, USA F19447
11 Smith / Murrah  1850Burke Co, NC, USA F10214
12 Smith / Smith  1790Burke Co, NC, USA F4381