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Akron, Summit Co, OH

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Latitude: 41.0814447, Longitude: -81.5190053


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abraham, Dorothy  12 Sep 1918Akron, Summit Co, OH I79692
2 Abraham, George  3 Feb 1922Akron, Summit Co, OH I79693
3 Abraham, Katherine (Kitty)  3 Oct 1919Akron, Summit Co, OH I79691
4 Abraham, Mary Elaine  20 Oct 1914Akron, Summit Co, OH I79089
5 Abraham, Milos  20 Jun 1917Akron, Summit Co, OH I79126
6 Abraham, Olga  25 Jan 1921Akron, Summit Co, OH I79124
7 Abraham, Paul (1st)  13 Jun 1913Akron, Summit Co, OH I79688
8 Abraham, Paul (2nd)  23 Mar 1916Akron, Summit Co, OH I79690
9 Abraham, Pauline  18 Oct 1926Akron, Summit Co, OH I79125
10 Bellamy, Paul  Abt 1926Akron, Summit Co, OH I79209
11 Cingle, Rudolph "Rudy"  5 Jun 1926Akron, Summit Co, OH I81132
12 Di Nuoscio, Loretta Ann  27 Sep 1926Akron, Summit Co, OH I79900
13 Dunlap, Kathleen Joan  9 Aug 1929Akron, Summit Co, OH I79075
14 Dunlap, Patrick Thomas  18 Mar 1927Akron, Summit Co, OH I79135
15 O'Verko, Dolores Claudette  16 Nov 1935Akron, Summit Co, OH I80230
16 Schaffler, Augusta Marie  Oct 1887Akron, Summit Co, OH I79131
17 Schaffler, Augusta N  Nov 1882Akron, Summit Co, OH I79130
18 Schaffler, Clara  12 Mar 1893Akron, Summit Co, OH I79132
19 Schaffler, Geraldine Agnes  20 Jul 1903Akron, Summit Co, OH I79077
20 Schaffler, Irene Grace  12 May 1902Akron, Summit Co, OH I79129
21 Sheets, Lewis "Bus"  Abt 1914Akron, Summit Co, OH I80225
22 Smith, Carolyn Jean  9 Jun 1937Akron, Summit Co, OH I79805
23 Smith, Cierra Antoinette  10 Jul 1981Akron, Summit Co, OH I80379
24 Smith, Edgar Junior  15 Jun 1929Akron, Summit Co, OH I79166
25 Smith, Ernest Wayne  8 Feb 1954Akron, Summit Co, OH I80370
26 Smith, Gerald Woodford Sr  23 Jun 1931Akron, Summit Co, OH I80366
27 Smith, Kathleen Paulette  25 Sep 1960Akron, Summit Co, OH I79192
28 Smith, Meaganne Elizabeth  25 Jan 1979Akron, Summit Co, OH I80378
29 Smith, Phyllis Marie  11 Oct 1955Akron, Summit Co, OH I80371
30 Vargo, Elizabeth  29 Oct 1917Akron, Summit Co, OH I79804


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abraham, Dorothy  13 Sep 2000Akron, Summit Co, OH I79692
2 Abraham, Frank Branko  28 Jan 1963Akron, Summit Co, OH I79102
3 Abraham, Mary (1st)  27 Jul 1914Akron, Summit Co, OH I79689
4 Abraham, Milos  14 Aug 1974Akron, Summit Co, OH I79126
5 Abraham, Olga  18 Feb 2003Akron, Summit Co, OH I79124
6 Abraham, Paul (1st)  6 Aug 1914Akron, Summit Co, OH I79688
7 Austgen, Angela  1891Akron, Summit Co, OH I79144
8 Avramov, Marko  23 Aug 1941Akron, Summit Co, OH I79116
9 Bahry, Theodore R (Ted)  5 Aug 2005Akron, Summit Co, OH I80229
10 Bailey, Dee Winifred  7 Mar 1993Akron, Summit Co, OH I79219
11 Cingle, Rudolph "Rudy"  29 Sep 2002Akron, Summit Co, OH I81132
12 Costakes, Michael Jhon  26 Aug 1966Akron, Summit Co, OH I80226
13 Gregg, Maude M  4 Aug 1950Akron, Summit Co, OH I79082
14 Nachbaur, Agatha  Between 1910 and 1920Akron, Summit Co, OH I79136
15 Nachbaur, Anna Maria Barbara  27 Mar 1960Akron, Summit Co, OH I79080
16 Nachbaur, Louis (Johann Alois)  23 Jan 1925Akron, Summit Co, OH I79134
17 O'Verko, Alvin Andrew  2 Feb 1974Akron, Summit Co, OH I80227
18 O'Verko, Dolores Claudette  8 Dec 1943Akron, Summit Co, OH I80230
19 Schaffler, Augusta Marie  25 Mar 1911Akron, Summit Co, OH I79131
20 Schaffler, Augusta N  27 Jan 1899Akron, Summit Co, OH I79130
21 Schaffler, Rudolph  24 Jan 1890Akron, Summit Co, OH I79127
22 Sheets, Lewis "Bus"  28 Oct 1962Akron, Summit Co, OH I80225
23 Smith, Carolyn Jean  28 Sep 1937Akron, Summit Co, OH I79805
24 Smith, Edgar Ernest  16 Dec 1994Akron, Summit Co, OH I79088
25 Smith, Ernest Watson  1 Jan 1966Akron, Summit Co, OH I79204
26 Smith, Floyd Beryl  13 Sep 1990Akron, Summit Co, OH I79217
27 Smith, Floyd Euel  26 Feb 1977Akron, Summit Co, OH I79165
28 Smith, Merle  19 May 2005Akron, Summit Co, OH I79158
29 Smith, Vincent Oral  14 Dec 1989Akron, Summit Co, OH I79218
30 Watson, Viola N.  10 May 1948Akron, Summit Co, OH I79167
31 Waugaman, Ina Lee  21 Apr 1930Akron, Summit Co, OH I79170


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Abraham, Frank Branko  31 Jan 1963Akron, Summit Co, OH I79102
2 Avramov, Marko  25 Aug 1941Akron, Summit Co, OH I79116
3 Barna, Helen  12 Jul 1973Akron, Summit Co, OH I79103
4 Nachbaur, Anna Maria Barbara  30 Mar 1960Akron, Summit Co, OH I79080
5 O'Verko, Alvin Andrew  5 Feb 1974Akron, Summit Co, OH I80227
6 O'Verko, Dolores Claudette  10 Dec 1943Akron, Summit Co, OH I80230
7 Schaffler, August  11 Oct 1933Akron, Summit Co, OH I79079
8 Schaffler, Augusta Marie  28 Mar 1911Akron, Summit Co, OH I79131
9 Schaffler, Clara  27 Nov 1968Akron, Summit Co, OH I79132
10 Sheets, Lewis "Bus"  31 Oct 1962Akron, Summit Co, OH I80225
11 Smith, Carolyn Jean  30 Sep 1937Akron, Summit Co, OH I79805
12 Smith, Charles C.  4 Sep 1973Akron, Summit Co, OH I79100
13 Smith, Edgar Ernest  20 Dec 1994Akron, Summit Co, OH I79088
14 Smith, Effie Lee  17 Apr 1972Akron, Summit Co, OH I79101
15 Vargo, Elizabeth  21 Feb 2001Akron, Summit Co, OH I79804


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Abraham / Milo  11 Dec 1909Akron, Summit Co, OH F29705
2 Abraham / Pay  4 Nov 1920Akron, Summit Co, OH F29168
3 Bender / Abraham  13 Oct 1944Akron, Summit Co, OH F29338
4 Brandt / Schaffler  11 Jul 1923Akron, Summit Co, OH F29185
5 Cingle / Abraham  22 Jul 1944Akron, Summit Co, OH F29710
6 Dunlap / Di Nuoscio  26 Apr 1958Akron, Summit Co, OH F29196
7 Dunlap / Schaffler  26 Aug 1926Akron, Summit Co, OH F28921
8 Hoover / Smith  4 Nov 1951Akron, Summit Co, OH F29331
9 Nachbaur / Austgen  12 Oct 1886Akron, Summit Co, OH F28945
10 Preiss / Schaffler  26 Jun 1919Akron, Summit Co, OH F29200
11 Schaffler / Nachbaur  6 Apr 1885Akron, Summit Co, OH F28922
12 Smith / Bole  3 Nov 1945Akron, Summit Co, OH F29410
13 Smith / Monroe  3 Jul 1989Akron, Summit Co, OH F29418


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Abraham / Milo  Aft 1913Akron, Summit Co, OH F29705
2 Dunlap / Schaffler  5 Mar 1936Akron, Summit Co, OH F28921
3 Hoover / Smith  22 Oct 1953Akron, Summit Co, OH F29331
4 O'Verko / Smith  30 Jun 1949Akron, Summit Co, OH F29330
5 Smith / Abraham  26 Oct 1938Akron, Summit Co, OH F28926
6 Smith / Smith  20 Oct 1937Akron, Summit Co, OH F28932

Census (Family)

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Census (Family)    Family ID 
1 Smith /   1930Akron, Summit Co, OH F4095