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Latitude: 34.9495672, Longitude: -81.9320482


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Caldwell, Frances Anne  11 Oct 1878,Spartanburg,SC,USA I64547
2 Caldwell, Thomas Bomer  23 Aug 1845,Spartanburg,SC,USA I64548
3 Finch, L K Simpson  20 Nov 1816,Spartanburg,SC,USA I64589
4 James, Robert  22 Sep 1804,Spartanburg,SC,USA I64538
5 Lee, Edgar Converse  4 Jul 1873,Spartanburg,SC,USA I64546
6 Smith, John Wilson  c 1790,Spartanburg,SC,USA I3964
7 Smith, Logan Samuel  1813,Spartanburg,SC,USA I5291
8 White, Elisabeth  10 Nov 1806,Spartanburg,SC,USA I64537


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rosa C  c 1862,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2682
2 Bearden, Elizabeth Jane  12 Oct 1926,Spartanburg,SC,USA I64540
3 Caldwell, Frances Anne  22 May 1918,Spartanburg,SC,USA I64547
4 Caldwell, Thomas Bomer  10 May 1918,Spartanburg,SC,USA I64548
5 Finch, Thomas H  Bef 19 Jul 1859,Spartanburg,SC,USA I35868
6 James, Eunice  16 Mar 1964,Spartanburg,SC,USA I64541
7 James, Gallitson Robert  19 May 1919,Spartanburg,SC,USA I64539
8 James, Robert  23 May 1882,Spartanburg,SC,USA I64538
9 Lee, Edgar Converse  17 Jan 1941,Spartanburg,SC,USA I64546
10 Smith, Martha  c 1835,Spartanburg,SC,USA I1702
11 Smith, Perry  c 1858,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2684
12 Smith, Perry  c 1891,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2690
13 Smith, R L  c 1895,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2706
14 Smith, Robertson  c 1903,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2689
15 Smith, Sarah  c 1844,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2680
16 Smith, Susannah  1859,Spartanburg,SC,USA I35867
17 Smith, T W  c 1901,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2688
18 Smith, Whiteford  c 1893,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2691
19 Smith, William  c 1807,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2679
20 Smith, William  c 1825,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2671
21 Smith, William  c 1837,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2675
22 Smith, William  c 1857,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2683
23 Smith, William  c 1895,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2708
24 Smith, William R  c 1818,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2678
25 Smith, Willie  c 1863,Spartanburg,SC,USA I2685
26 Steadman, John Belton Oneal  14 Jun 1950,Spartanburg,SC,USA I64542
27 Williamson, Elizabeth  After 1810,Spartanburg,SC,USA I35863