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Latitude: 40.4172871, Longitude: -82.9071230


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bundy, Nathan  c 1846,,OH,USA I12178
2 Copas, John  c 1826,,OH,USA I7539
3 De Laney, Bettie  ,,OH,USA I12766
4 Havens, Johnathan  c 1820,,OH,USA I12835
5 Jones, Oliver  c 1812,,OH,USA I7571
6 Moore, Joshua  Feb 1849,,OH,USA I8001
7 Rhinehammer, Rachel  1825,,OH,USA I11318
8 Smith, Alexander  1 Dec 1816,,OH,USA I12811
9 Smith, Catherine E  1832,,OH,USA I9289
10 Smith, Clarence  c 1879,,OH,USA I12675
11 Smith, Daniel W  c 1835,,OH,USA I13095
12 Smith, Edson B  1861,,OH,USA I12151
13 Smith, Elizabeth  c 1832,,OH,USA I7538
14 Smith, Emmet E  c 1880,,OH,USA I7081
15 Smith, Ethan Allen  11 Jul 1849,,OH,USA I34503
16 Smith, George A  c 1846,,OH,USA I12334
17 Smith, Harriet  ,,OH,USA I12179
18 Smith, Harry  ,,OH,USA I12488
19 Smith, Harry Lee  20 May 1880,,OH,USA I6046
20 Smith, Henry  c 1841,,OH,USA I4241
21 Smith, Jacob P  c 1887,,OH,USA I7079
22 Smith, James  c 1807,,OH,USA I7529
23 Smith, John Ashby  21 Nov 1829,,OH,USA I13092
24 Smith, Levi  c 1846,,OH,USA I4242
25 Smith, Louisa  12 Jul 1832,,OH,USA I12177
26 Smith, Margaret  c 1895,,OH,USA I8661
27 Smith, Matilda M  1837,,OH,USA I10698
28 Smith, Nathan  c 1818,,OH,USA I7616
29 Smith, Robert  c 1829,,OH,USA I7544
30 Smith, Thomas A  c 1807,,OH,USA I4895
31 Smith, Thomas B  1 Oct 1845,,OH,USA I8195
32 Smith, Warren Levi  1842,,OH,USA I10700
33 Smith, William H  c 1899,,OH,USA I8660
34 Smith, William M  c 1831,,OH,USA I7536
35 Smith, Zelma  Sep 1883,,OH,USA I12677
36 Stratton, Lydia E  ,,OH,USA I12425


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbott, James Samuel  21 Nov 1948,,OH,USA I64046
2 Clement, David  26 Jul 1871,,OH,USA I3507
3 Smith, Delia Aurilla  11 Jul 1933,,OH,USA I8869
4 Smith, Frank  27 May 1913,,OH,USA I3936
5 Smith, Kilbourn  20 Apr 1921,,OH,USA I6041