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Pickens District, SC

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Latitude: 35.0236219, Longitude: -82.7126968


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Camel, Nancy Jane  1831Pickens District, SC I92721
2 Henderson, Toliver W.  1859Pickens District, SC I93678
3 Henderson, William T.  1867Pickens District, SC I93680
4 Holbrook/Halbert, Elizabeth  Pickens District, SC I91686
5 Mauldin, Andrew McDuffee  1829Pickens District, SC I92720
6 Mauldin, Marian Permima "Mima"  1829Pickens District, SC I77845
7 Mauldin, William Allen  23 Jul 1843Pickens District, SC I73834
8 Nalley, Amanda Catherine  5 Aug 1851Pickens District, SC I26756
9 Smith, George Washington  29 Aug 1849Pickens District, SC I2090


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Daniel D.  29 Oct 1850Pickens District, SC I78120
2 Alexander, Thomas S.  10 Oct 1856Pickens District, SC I78114
3 Ballentine, Richard E.  Jan 1863Pickens District, SC I93718
4 Barrett, Caswell  11 Dec 1830Pickens District, SC I91690
5 Camel, Nancy Jane  af 1860Pickens District, SC I92721
6 Coats, Elizabeth  4 Feb 1845Pickens District, SC I78117
7 Cobb, Lucinda  1840-1843Pickens District, SC I78366
8 Collins, Thomas  Apr 1861Pickens District, SC I78382
9 Davis, Miriam  Pickens District, SC I93641
10 Ellenburg, Martin  Jan-Jun 1831Pickens District, SC I78379
11 Hallum, Elizabeth  1830Pickens District, SC I93661
12 Hardin, Mary  1842Pickens District, SC I78361
13 Hardin, Mary  1842Pickens District, SC I78129
14 Hendricks, Jane  3 Dec 1860Pickens District, SC I95332
15 Holliday, William  af 1856Pickens District, SC I78402
16 Hubbard, Susannah  9 Aug 1848Pickens District, SC I95212
17 Hughes, Andrew  1 Sept 1843Pickens District, SC I92722
18 Kennemore, Elizabeth  29 Oct 1863Pickens District, SC I78357
19 Kennemore, Elizabeth  29 Oct 1863Pickens District, SC I78113
20 Mauldin, Mary  Pickens District, SC I91917
21 Mauldin, Nancy  29 Nov 1839Pickens District, SC I91689
22 Mauldin, Rucker N. Jr.  Jul 1865Pickens District, SC I91918
23 McKiddy, Eleanor "Liday"  6 Feb 1845Pickens District, SC I78101
24 Murphree, Isaac  1860-1864Pickens District, SC I78354
25 Murphree, Mary Ann  18 Dec 1851Pickens District, SC I78121
26 Murphree, Moses  May 1846Pickens District, SC I78365
27 Prather, Sarah  Bef 1848Pickens District, SC I95182
28 Prather, Sarah  Bef 1848Pickens District, SC I95327
29 Rice, Elizabeth  1842Pickens District, SC I78355
30 Rice, Isaac Sr  15 Dec 1855Pickens District, SC I78356
31 Rice, Jordan "Jurdin"  16 Jan 1902Pickens District, SC I78110
32 Sumner, Obedience  Summer of 1829Pickens District, SC I92723
33 Wallace, James  Bef 1848Pickens District, SC I77820
34 Watson, Keziah  1848Pickens District, SC I78115
35 Westbrook, Catherine A.  living 1850Pickens District, SC I91930


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ballentine / Ellison  1836Pickens District, SC F31631
2 Collins / Eaton  1828Pickens District, SC F28592
3 Cox / Ellison  29 Feb 1820Pickens District, SC F33733
4 Mauldin / Ballentine  5 Apr 1846Pickens District, SC F33244
5 Mauldin / Camel  1847Pickens District, SC F33437
6 Mauldin / Mayfield  6 Sep 1836Pickens District, SC F33246
7 Mauldin / Unknown  ab 1860Pickens District, SC F32938
8 Rice / Alexander  1838Pickens District, SC F28506