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Overton Co,TN,USA

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Latitude: 36.3880346, Longitude: -85.3136218


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Smith, George Jr  1795Overton Co,TN,USA I79326
2 SMITH, Ira George  c 1780Overton Co,TN,USA I74669
3 Smith, James H  18 Aug 1834Overton Co,TN,USA I100308
4 Smith, James S  c 1807Overton Co,TN,USA I69104
5 Smith, Jeremiah  22 Dec 1802Overton Co,TN,USA I101118
6 Smith, Lula  c 1854Overton Co,TN,USA I101114
7 SMITH, Mary Ann  28 Apr 1838Overton Co,TN,USA I71110
8 SMITH, Thomas W  4 Feb 1819Overton Co,TN,USA I82519


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bowen, Rebecca  c 1826Overton Co,TN,USA I53829
2 Flowers, Margaret  1832Overton Co,TN,USA I14845
3 Garrett, Abraham  20 Jan 1877Overton Co,TN,USA I14844
4 McDonald, Sarah D  1884Overton Co,TN,USA I77688
5 Smith, George Jr  9 Aug 1844Overton Co,TN,USA I79326
6 SMITH, George William  be 13 May 1839Overton Co,TN,USA I71108
7 Smith, James H  1900Overton Co,TN,USA I100308
8 Smith, Jeremiah  18 Mar 1872Overton Co,TN,USA I101118
9 Smith, John  1866Overton Co,TN,USA I36682
10 SMITH, John  22 Nov 1882Overton Co,TN,USA I74703
11 Smith, Martha Minerva  20 Feb 1930Overton Co,TN,USA I82534
12 SMITH, Mary Ann  1871Overton Co,TN,USA I71110
13 Smith, Neoma  After 1860Overton Co,TN,USA I20973
14 Smith, Thomas  3 Mar 1845Overton Co,TN,USA I70027
15 Smith, Tilman  Overton Co,TN,USA I81651
16 Smith, Walter Marion  20 Mar 1930Overton Co,TN,USA I82536
17 Smith, William  Before 1870Overton Co,TN,USA I81609
18 SMITH, William Barton  17 Jul 1887Overton Co,TN,USA I74707
19 Smith, William Jordan  c 1880Overton Co,TN,USA I32058
20 Taylor, Isabelle  1936Overton Co,TN,USA I101084