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Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA

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Latitude: 41.2306979, Longitude: -73.0640360


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Camp, Hannah  31 Jan 1677Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I426
2 Canfield, Phebe  9 May 1656Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I424
3 Smith, Andrew  14 Aug 1762Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I24137
4 Smith, Caleb  Bef 20 Apr 1740Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I33290
5 Smith, David  c 1756Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I24135
6 Smith, Ebenezer  25 Mar 1720Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I24130
7 Smith, Ephraim  1715Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I33283
8 Smith, Gideon  13 Jun 1709Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I427
9 Smith, Jabez  29 Nov 1705Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I33191
10 Smith, Joel  1736Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I33330
11 Smith, John  27 Aug 1646Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I423
12 Smith, John  18 Jun 1674Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I33272
13 Smith, John  2 Feb 1744Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I33339
14 Smith, Samuel Bryan  1755Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I24122
15 Smith, Theophilus Miles  8 Nov 1757Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I57612
16 Smith, Thomas  7 Mar 1676Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I425


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Briscoe, Ruth  16 Jun 1749Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I33276
2 Canfield, Phebe  3 May 1730Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I424
3 Hawley, Grace  1690Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I422
4 Hawley, Sarah  4 Aug 1842Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I33305
5 Smith, Andrew  3 Sep 1836Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I24137
6 Smith, Benjamin  c 1711Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I24093
7 Smith, Caleb  5 Dec 1815Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I33290
8 Smith, David  7 Nov 1841Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I24135
9 Smith, Ebenezer  6 Jul 1796Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I24130
10 Smith, Joel  7 Jan 1812Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I33330
11 Smith, John  1684Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I421
12 Smith, John  8 Jan 1732Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I423
13 Smith, John  14 May 1751Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I33272
14 Smith, Samuel Bryan  27 Jul 1842Milford,New Haven Co,CT,USA I24122