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Latitude: 40.6331249, Longitude: -89.3985283


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Malissa  Feb 1854IL I32948
2 Braden, Parry E  1848IL I39703
3 Bratten, William D  c 1868IL I30346
4 Comer, Martha Elizabeth  1868IL I36489
5 Flint, Artimissa  c 1826IL  I17951
6 Lewis, Harriet  11 Mar 1839IL I42591
7 Perry, Margaret Elizabeth  25 Sep 1841IL I31737
8 Phillips, Rebecca  Jul 1859IL I48296
9 Reed, Ambrose D  Jul 1899IL I51554
10 Reed, O E  c 1900IL I51556
11 Ruby, Sarah Ann  1830IL I12567
12 Schmidt, August G  29 Mar 1887IL I56270
13 Schmidt, John H  Feb 1889IL I56275
14 Schmidt, Mary D  Oct 1891IL I56276
15 Smith, Abigail V  1840IL I38903
16 Smith, Albert Alma  1877IL I33466
17 Smith, Alfred McClain  1873IL I18571
18 Smith, Alice  Bef 1861IL I59013
19 Smith, Alonzo  c 1876IL I38887
20 Smith, Andrew Jackson  1836IL I518
21 Smith, Caroline  1848IL I59007
22 Smith, Charles M  1857IL I58991
23 Smith, Chester B  1834IL I34585
24 Smith, Claude  c 1899IL I61644
25 Smith, Columbus  1852IL I59009
26 Smith, Columbus H  Jun 1850IL I17948
27 Smith, David Jasper  1861IL I26978
28 Smith, Delmer D  1908IL I38892
29 Smith, Douglas W  c 1881IL I17946
30 Smith, Edith  1909IL I38899
31 Smith, Eli C  1866IL I59015
32 Smith, Elia J  1860IL I59012
33 Smith, Emily M  1853IL I58989
34 Smith, Emory E  c 1883IL I56505
35 Smith, Ezekiel  c 1826IL I59809
36 Smith, Florence E.  1857IL I37132
37 Smith, Frank Dickason Sr  1893IL I18630
38 Smith, Franklin M  1843IL I31850
39 Smith, Franklin Pierce  1852IL I34587
40 Smith, Fred H  1868IL I59392
41 Smith, Freeman J  1858IL I53474
42 Smith, George W  c 1834IL I25544
43 Smith, George Washington  1861IL I44609
44 Smith, Grover  1884IL I26300
45 Smith, Hannah  1836IL I59004
46 Smith, Hannah  1869IL I59016
47 Smith, Henry  1901IL I19924
48 Smith, Henry Edward  1859IL I28701
49 Smith, Howard Everitt  1905IL I19926
50 Smith, James Ayers  23 Aug 1874IL I35628

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Irby, Abigail  1905IL I39694
2 Lister, William W  27 Jan 1891IL I68714
3 Olinger, Mary  1874IL I40748
4 Smith, Andrew C  1902IL I39693
5 Smith, Caleb Alfred  1883IL I20506
6 Smith, Elizabeth Street  1866IL I32193
7 Smith, Grover  1954IL I26300
8 Smith, James  1870IL I53470
9 Smith, John M  1888IL I22948
10 Smith, Jonathan  IL I42578
11 Smith, Kirk  After 1900IL I58995
12 Smith, Lorenzo Redburn  1926IL I58993
13 Smith, Thomas R  13 May 1904IL I61638


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bidwell / Smith  IL F19776
2 Kimery / Smith  1890IL F3473
3 Smith / Bell  22 Oct 1842IL F785
4 Smith / Johnston  IL F9531
5 Smith / Kimmel  IL F9530
6 Smith / Virden  IL F9529