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Latitude: 36.3059333, Longitude: -83.5496566


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gallion, James  1837Grainger,TN,USA I84686
2 Gallion, Jesse  c 1820Grainger,TN,USA I84681
3 Gallion, John  1831Grainger,TN,USA I84684
4 Gallion, Robert  1834Grainger,TN,USA I84685
5 Gallion, Samuel  1838Grainger,TN,USA I84687
6 Gallion, Wesley Hamilton  1824Grainger,TN,USA I84682
7 Gallion, Wiley  1828Grainger,TN,USA I84683
8 Gallion, William Pinkney  Jan 1820Grainger,TN,USA I84680
9 James, Eliza  1841Grainger,TN,USA I84701
10 James, Hamilton  1832Grainger,TN,USA I84698
11 James, James  1833Grainger,TN,USA I84699
12 James, John  1846Grainger,TN,USA I84702
13 James, Mary E  1839Grainger,TN,USA I84700
14 James, Sarah J  1853Grainger,TN,USA I84704
15 James, Susan  1847Grainger,TN,USA I84703
16 Smith, Armon E  Jan 1889Grainger,TN,USA I84729
17 Smith, Charley  1872Grainger,TN,USA I84723
18 Smith, Denziel F  Nov 1894Grainger,TN,USA I84731
19 Smith, Earl O  Apr 1898Grainger,TN,USA I84732
20 Smith, Emma J  1867Grainger,TN,USA I84721
21 Smith, Ethel  Dec 1899Grainger,TN,USA I84737
22 Smith, Eva  1914Grainger,TN,USA I84741
23 Smith, Guy  Jan 1897Grainger,TN,USA I84736
24 Smith, Harriet M  c 1844Grainger,TN,USA I84713
25 Smith, Henry F  Jul 1878Grainger,TN,USA I84725
26 Smith, Horace A  Dec 1870Grainger,TN,USA I84722
27 Smith, Jackie  Jun 1894Grainger,TN,USA I84735
28 Smith, James W  1838Grainger,TN,USA I84709
29 Smith, John  1855Grainger,TN,USA I84717
30 Smith, John  c 1919Grainger,TN,USA I84743
31 Smith, Joseph  Jan 1887Grainger,TN,USA I84727
32 Smith, Josiah  10 Jul 1826Grainger,TN,USA I104155
33 Smith, Louisa  1836Grainger,TN,USA I84708
34 Smith, Lura D  Jul 1891Grainger,TN,USA I84730
35 Smith, Mary J  1832Grainger,TN,USA I84706
36 Smith, Mollie  Apr 1875Grainger,TN,USA I84724
37 Smith, Oscar P  Feb 1866Grainger,TN,USA I84720
38 Smith, Pauline Catherine  13 Jan 1857Grainger,TN,USA I108707
39 Smith, Preston  May 1886Grainger,TN,UsA I84726
40 Smith, Rachall J  1853Grainger,TN,USA I84716
41 Smith, Samuel  1849Grainger,TN,USA I84715
42 Smith, Sarah E  1847Grainger,TN,USA I84714
43 Smith, Susannah  1834Grainger,TN,USA I84707
44 Smith, Velma  Nov 1915Grainger,TN,USA I84742
45 Smith, Vernida  Feb 1909Grainger,TN,USA I84739
46 Smith, Wesley  c 1843Grainger,TN,USA I84712
47 Smith, William  c 1839Grainger,TN,USA I84710


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Nall, William  May 1808Grainger,TN,USA I77055