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Wilkes Co,GA,USA

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Latitude: 33.8082640, Longitude: -82.7778579


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Pody, Mary Ann  c 1822Wilkes Co,GA,USA I11271
2 Smith, Andrew  c 1754Wilkes Co,GA,USA I17907
3 Smith, Andrew Jr  1 May 1780Wilkes Co,GA,USA I17909
4 Smith, Basil  1 Aug 1793Wilkes Co,GA,USA I74338
5 Smith, Benajah  1766Wilkes Co,GA,USA I25862
6 Smith, Bonnetta  13 Nov 1793Wilkes Co,GA,USA I49642
7 Smith, George Blakey  29 Jan 1824Wilkes Co,GA,USA I46121
8 Smith, Guy  26 Feb 1790Wilkes Co,GA,USA I93157
9 Smith, Jonathan  1807Wilkes Co,GA,USA I40825
10 Smith, Mary  1800Wilkes Co,GA,USA I90961
11 Smith, Sarah Warren  25 Nov 1801Wilkes Co,GA,USA I93182
12 Smith, William  c 1775Wilkes Co,GA,USA I54948
13 Smith, William G  1789Wilkes Co,GA,USA I41903
14 Williams, Sarah Ann  19 Nov 1821Wilkes Co,GA,USA I49651


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dees, Cornelia  c 1793Wilkes Co,GA,USA I46317
2 Lamar, James  After 1786Wilkes Co,GA,USA I15943
3 Phelps, Sarah  After 1785Wilkes Co,GA,USA I91576
4 Smith, Andrew  c 1797Wilkes Co,GA,USA I17907
5 Smith, Ebenezer  1837Wilkes Co,GA,USA I34613
6 Smith, Francis  1814Wilkes Co,GA,USA I34607
7 Smith, George  5 May 1834Wilkes Co,GA,USA I46111
8 Smith, George Blakey  26 Apr 1906Wilkes Co,GA,USA I46121
9 Smith, Guy Jr  17 Aug 1830Wilkes Co,GA,USA I46316
10 Smith, James  Bef 9 Jul 1799Wilkes Co,GA,USA I52543
11 Smith, John  Jan 1795Wilkes Co,GA,USA I60917
12 Smith, John Taylor  Jan 1795Wilkes Co,GA,USA I65209
13 Smith, Jonathan  1881Wilkes Co,GA,USA I40825
14 Smith, Nathan  30 Apr 1816Wilkes Co,GA,USA I52548
15 Smith, William  21 Jul 1853Wilkes Co,GA,USA I49644
16 Smith, William Wilkinson  Wilkes Co,GA,USA I34612
17 Walker, Pleasant  Wilkes Co,GA,USA I105566