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Stamford, Fairfield, CT

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Latitude: 41.0534302, Longitude: -73.5387341


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Smith, Abigail  9 Jan 1768Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51198
2 Smith, Amos  17 Oct 1716Stamford, Fairfield, CT I49032
3 Smith, Amos  4 Oct 1743Stamford, Fairfield, CT I43856
4 Smith, Ezra  9 Oct 1730Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51178
5 Smith, Ezra Jr  c 1753Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51192
6 Smith, Hannah  c 1642Stamford, Fairfield, CT  I28474
7 Smith, Hannah  c 1769Stamford, Fairfield, CT  I29968
8 Smith, Henry  10 Nov 1759Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51210
9 Smith, Isaac  c 1762Stamford, Fairfield, CT  I29965
10 Smith, Israel  9 Feb 1733Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51179
11 Smith, Israel  6 Feb 1773Stamford, Fairfield, CT  I51216
12 Smith, Jemima  1755Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51193
13 Smith, Joseph  29 Dec 1763Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51212
14 Smith, Mary  2 Oct 1761Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51211
15 Smith, Mary  c 1764Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51196
16 Smith, Nancy  27 Apr 1780Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51219
17 Smith, Noah  24 Feb 1778Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51218
18 Smith, Rebecca  11 Nov 1762Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51183
19 Smith, Rebecca  8 Apr 1766Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51213
20 Smith, Reuben  26 Sep 1771Stamford, Fairfield, CT  I51215
21 Smith, Reuben  15 Jan 1801Stamford, Fairfield, CT I57412
22 Smith, Rhoda  20 Apr 1781Stamford, Fairfield, CT I57408
23 Smith, Samuel  8 Dec 1679Stamford, Fairfield, CT  I28497
24 Smith, Sarah  c 1766Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51197
25 Smith, Sarah  26 Mar 1769Stamford, Fairfield, CT I57403
26 Smith, Sarah  6 May 1776Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51217
27 Smith, Stephen  c 1757Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51194
28 Smith, William  14 Jun 1768Stamford, Fairfield, CT I51214
29 Smith, William  1 May 1771Stamford, Fairfield, CT I57404


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Smith, Betsey  26 Jan 1766Stamford, Fairfield, CT  I40733


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Smith, Amos  1765Stamford, Fairfield, CT I49032
2 Smith, Amos  12 Apr 1819Stamford, Fairfield, CT  I43856
3 Smith, Austin  1817Stamford, Fairfield, CT  I29923
4 Smith, Henry  After 4 Jul 1687Stamford, Fairfield, CT I43721