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Latitude: 35.2010500, Longitude: -91.8318334


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Rose R  c 1895AR I30347
2 Basham, William R  c 1844AR I33076
3 Cavanaugh, Maggie  1897AR I31841
4 Christian, Maggie Eugenia  Nov 1859AR I12004
5 Davidson, Mary  1850AR I18872
6 Shatswell, Joseph Richard  9 Nov 1884AR I50603
7 Smith, Adah Jesse  11 Mar 1882AR I33450
8 Smith, Alfred  c 1879AR I31844
9 Smith, Daniel Henry  1857AR I15375
10 Smith, Dee E  1892AR I26043
11 Smith, Elizabeth Judith  1860AR I30851
12 Smith, Ernest Leonard  1903AR I30827
13 Smith, George  Abt 1848AR I1502
14 Smith, George  Feb 1863AR I30843
15 Smith, George W  c 1848AR I18883
16 Smith, George Washington  c 1851AR I50055
17 Smith, Giles M  1878AR I56953
18 Smith, Henry Clay  1877AR I27055
19 Smith, Henry Clay  1890AR I50062
20 Smith, Howard Nisbett  1890AR I23008
21 Smith, Howard Welton  27 Dec 1898AR I58372
22 Smith, James E  1873AR I1496
23 Smith, James E  1875AR I18873
24 Smith, Jesse Lemuel  1895AR I23002
25 Smith, John  1858AR I30845
26 Smith, John Upson  1853AR I36538
27 Smith, Joseph A  c 1866AR I18886
28 Smith, Joseph A  Abt 1866AR I1504
29 Smith, Lemuel  1875AR I30847
30 Smith, Lenard E  c 1863AR I18885
31 Smith, Lenard E  Abt 1863AR I1503
32 Smith, Lorenzo Austin  1864AR I56591
33 Smith, Mary  1871AR I30846
34 Smith, Mary E  c 1861AR I18884
35 Smith, Maude Belle  1893AR I55363
36 Smith, Otis Ray  1917AR I26346
37 Smith, Owen S  1896AR I31840
38 Smith, Pressley A.  c1870AR I43193
39 Smith, Raymond Oscar  1867AR I30825
40 Smith, Roy Preston  2 Sep 1907AR I33451
41 Smith, Sarah  Abt 1854AR I1501
42 Smith, Sarah Ann  c 1841AR I42581
43 Smith, Sarah J  c 1854AR I18882
44 Smith, Servetus  1864AR I30844
45 Smith, Thelmer Allen  27 Aug 1902AR I26531
46 Smith, Thomas Alexander  c 1845AR I56714
47 Smith, Virginia Lee  1864AR I30852
48 Smith, William Cullen  1866AR I30850
49 Smith, William J.  16 Aug 1895AR I43194
50 Smith, William James  c 1891AR I55362

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Smith, Roy Isom  AR I22137
2 Smith, Thomas M  AR I27329
3 Williams, Alexander S  1871AR I32568

Miltary- Civil War- Confederate

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miltary- Civil War- Confederate    Person ID 
1 Smith, Joel William  1861AR I15633
2 Smith, Joel William  1863AR I15633


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Smith / Duvall  17 Dec 1891AR F2606
2 Smith / Giddens  9 Jan 1861AR F4349
3 Smith / Parker  AR F18065
4 Smith / Stuart  1887AR F21919