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Latitude: 33.8360810, Longitude: -81.1637245


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Frances  c 1800,,SC,USA I3323
2 Margaret  Jan 1826,,SC,USA I5041
3 Mary M  c 1839,,SC,USA I11959
4 Nancy  c 1808,,SC,USA I7423
5 Addis, Nancy Caroline  1824,,SC,USA I2775
6 Agnew, Isaac  1802,,SC,USA I5791
7 Baxter, Mary Ann  c 1793,,SC,USA I11376
8 Bess, Smith  c 1800,,SC,USA I3601
9 Black, John C  c 1830,,SC,USA I3603
10 Carroll, William  c 1790,,SC,USA I3614
11 Chandler, Sidney Smith  c 1806,,SC,USA I3620
12 Culp, William A  c 1804,,SC,USA I3626
13 Davis, Jasper W  c 1820,,SC,USA I3630
14 Davis, Smith  c 1810,,SC,USA I3628
15 Dillard, Josiah  c 1806,,SC,USA I3632
16 Finch, Thomas H  1776,,SC,USA I35868
17 Hendrix, Robert J  c 1826,,SC,USA I11946
18 Herbert, Hilary A  c 1834,,SC,USA I10861
19 Herbert, Thomas E  c 1804,,SC,USA I10859
20 Martin, Diana  c 1820,,SC,USA I26684
21 Morse, Benjamin  1790,,SC,USA I7963
22 Owens, Thomas Anderson  1792,,SC,USA I7477
23 Phillips, Pinkney  c 1812,,SC,USA I9743
24 Smith, Abraham  c 1754,,SC,USA I64765
25 Smith, Alex  c 1773,,SC,USA I5035
26 Smith, Artemus  c 1854,,SC,USA I2665
27 Smith, Catherine E  2 Jun 1812,,SC,USA I10840
28 Smith, David  c 1802,,SC,USA I9745
29 Smith, David H  1821,,SC,USA I2749
30 Smith, Edward Broddus  18 Dec 1831,,SC,USA I9448
31 Smith, Ester Lucinda  c1817,,SC,USA I3616
32 Smith, George K  c 1796,,SC,USA I3763
33 Smith, Hannah  1802,,SC,USA I11457
34 Smith, Harry  c 1795,,SC,USA I12936
35 Smith, Hugh A  c 1822,,SC,USA I11659
36 Smith, James  7 Aug 1792,,SC,USA I7940
37 Smith, James  c 1802,,SC,USA I6721
38 Smith, Jesse T  17 Dec 1814,,SC,USA I8335
39 Smith, Jesse Willson  10 Jan 1833,,SC,USA I62298
40 Smith, John  c 1785,,SC,USA I8340
41 Smith, John D  c 1783,,SC,USA I3747
42 Smith, John M  c 1782,,SC,USA I9749
43 Smith, John R  c 1849,,SC,USA I10986
44 Smith, John Y  c 1793,,SC,USA I3757
45 Smith, Levicy  1788,,SC,USA I9308
46 Smith, Nancy  c 1825,,SC,USA I3631
47 Smith, Philip Porter  c 1825,,SC,USA I64974
48 Smith, Reuben  c 1853,,SC,USA I63300
49 Smith, Richard B  c 1817,,SC,USA I2686
50 Smith, Robert P  c 1814,,SC,USA I9753

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Smith, Amanda  5 Dec 1870,,SC,USA I63854
2 Smith, William  c 1804,,SC,USA I2676