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Queries, Most Wanted, Puzzlers, Brick Walls. This forum also puts queries on the tree page if you have queried from that page. Includes queries about people where the asker has done DNA

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Nancy Mustard/John Smith question
 by Wyona
  212 0
B P Smith_Sarah Green Smith Clay co GA
 by herewegoagn
  244 0
Jonathan Smith*s five sons
 by Gail (Smith) Bullock
  248 0
Origin of our smith line
 by Timothy smith
  217 0
additions to Frances Moore Smith
 by Eugene Daniel
  197 0
Smith connection
 by Eugene Daniel
  219 0
Margaret Vernon (stobaugh)
 by Steve Stobaugh
  147 0
Joseph Smith biographical information
 by Robert Darmody
  188 0
Smith of Quethiock, Cornwall
 by Peter J Smith
  159 0
DNA connection
 by Christine Williston Wright
  173 0
Smiths of Stapleton
 by Jennifer Jacobs
  122 0
Abraham Smith Sr
 by Rob Smith
  121 0
 by theresa emily smith
  162 0
Alfred Smith
 by Karin Smith Serfontein
  193 0
Samuel brother to John C Singley?
 by smithsworldwide
  160 0
smith line
 by james h smith jr
  188 0
Smiths of Snyder co., PA
 by R. C. Huddle
  299 1
james david rece or reese smith Ggrandfather
 by Denise Pilcher
  148 0
Smith Family
 by Rhonda Lynn Smith
  155 0
Smith Family
 by Rhonda Lynn Smith
  199 0