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Queries, Most Wanted, Puzzlers, Brick Walls. This forum also puts queries on the tree page if you have queried from that page. Includes queries about people where the asker has done DNA

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Leonard High Smith, b.1897 Gladstone, Texas
 by paceL
112 0
Are we sure this is Amphyllis' Mother?
 by Sarah Laufenberg
  113 0
James B. Smith, Ill.
 by Patricia Staley
  114 0
Francis Marion Smith, 1822-1912
 by Ardie Brown
  114 0
John Alexander Smith/Nancy McHaney Smith
 by Katherine Pace Totten
  108 0
 by Roger Charles Smith
  110 1
Hannah Brewster Parentage?
 by Jane Schmidt
  107 0
  113 0
Sarah, wife of George Smith
 by Henry Heinzmann
  110 0
Jerusha Smith Doolittle Marsh=my 4th gr grandmother
 by Nancy Page
  108 0
Which Smith? When?
 by Ed Mauldin
  108 0
Checking on your Smith tree
 by psratliff
  115 0
James Barton
 by R Anglin
  110 0
Parents of Richard Smith?
 by Gary Rhodes
  109 0
 by Bloodhound
  111 0
Relationship to Ambrose Joshua Smith
 by perrygm
  128 0
Leonard C Smith
 by pvsm123
  115 0
Jack Palmer Smith
 by gigi82
  110 0
my adopted mother
 by melissa8247
  123 2
my adopted mother
 by melissa8247
125 0