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Alex Smith Obituary-Kent England d 22 Jul 2014
 by smithsworldwide
122 0
Richard Smith m Ann- London England -
 by smithsworldwide
122 0
Obituary Notice- Madge Smith d 14 Jul 2014 Wellington England
 by smithsworldwide
119 0
Who is Walter Martin Schmidt b 1918 NY?
 by smithsworldwide
122 0
Obituary Notice- Dennis John Smith d 9 Jul 2014 Tiverton, England
 by smithsworldwide
124 0
Obituary Notice- Lara Schmidt 1975-2014 Tiverton Devon England
 by smithsworldwide
127 0
Obituary Service Notice for Gladys Smith of Chelmsford, England
 by smithsworldwide
123 0
Smith Mystery O Day- Amanda (Thomas?) McClurg- Rowan Co KY
 by smithsworldwide
  133 0
Smith Mystery O Day! Albert B Smith b 1852 PA m Cornelia Barrows> Lake Co, SD
 by smithsworldwide
121 0
Mystery Smith O Day # 2 – Scottish Smith in New Zealand
 by smithsworldwide
132 0
Mystery Smith O Day # 3- Harry Eugene Kelso born Nebraska – Matches Smith DNA Group Q-2
 by smithsworldwide
127 1
Mystery O Day- Was Edward Smith Ruse named after a Smith
 by smithsworldwide
122 1