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Queries, Most Wanted, Puzzlers, Brick Walls. This forum also puts queries on the tree page if you have queried from that page. Includes queries about people where the asker has done DNA

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Paulina Smith-Need sources on this
 by smithsworldwide
  11 0
Looking for YDNA tester for Garfield F Smith
 by smithsworldwide
  159 0
Finding the Father of William C. Phillips
 by JaysonP
  148 0
William S Smith 1822–1875 BIRTH ABT 1822 • Chowan County, North Carolina, USA
  149 0
Clara August Smith Wynne
 by kristenaliotti@cox.n
  143 0
Faithy Jane Crowder Smith
 by J Gilmore
  148 0
Sophia Marie Schmidt Ehrlich
 by Smitty25
  146 0
 by Graymarc
  142 0
Samuel Smith/Sarah Morton of Northfield, Franklin, MA
 by Melody55
  140 0
Morris Co. New Jersey Smith's 1800's
 by KathyM
131 0
Looking for YDNA testers for Reverend Guy Smith
 by smithsworldwide
  133 0
YDNA Smith testers for Major Lawrence Smith 1629-1700 VA
 by smithsworldwide
  137 0
Reply from Doug re: Dorcas
 by dosmith44
  132 0
Smiths and Hayes Research Information
 by smithsworldwide
128 0
Jordan Smith
 by Linda Johnson
  131 0
Dorcas Mattison Porter ?????????
 by Douglas Smith
  130 0
Joseph P Smith b 1824 Washington CO MD
 by lweller
129 0
Smyth/Smith of Sawney's Creek, Kershaw, SC
 by ChucktownCharlie
  128 0
Joseph P Smith b 1824 Washington CO MD
 by LeAnn Weller
  132 1
Phebe Smith, b. 17 Sep. 1776 Carmel, Dutchess, NY
 by James R. Dodge
  128 0