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Heinrich Schmidt and Mary Honaker had several descendants. Is there any way we can get DNA testing on a line other than Isaac?

As the way things stand right now this is not really the YDNA of Heinrich Schmidt husband of Mary Honaker. Its only the YDNA of the one who tested. 

If we find another descendant of Martin through a different line and its a match, then it confirms to Martin but still will not confirm to Heinrich. 

If we get to Heinrich and test a line other than Isaac and they are not a match then we will have to test more to confirm which line has the non paternal event.

As it stands right now we cannot call the YDNA of this one kit the DNA of Heinrich Schmidt until it is confirmed otherwise. 

If you need help in the funds or findind other direct male descendants to test please dont hesistate to ask for help. 

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Posted: July 6, 2017
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Heinrich Schmidt

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