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 Richard Smith m Ann- London England -

One of the Smith DNA Project's newest members has a mystery he would like to have solved, about his Richard Smith from London England. Here's the lineage. 

I was just wondering if at any time you may have come across the family of one Rachel Prudence Smith, originally of Sandwich in Kent?  She was my 3x-great-grandmother, with her husband being George Edward Blackburn - whom she married in St. Lawrence's Church in Ramsgate on 5th January 1857.  I've had a little luck tracing things back over the years, and to cut a long story short have thus far the following for her Smith ancestors:
  • Parents: John Smith - baptised 10th April 1791 in Holy Cross, Canterbury, Kent.  Died 1872 in London.  Married Jane Bailey on 6th December 1819.
  • Grandparents: Richard Smith - baptised 30th August 1752 in St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, London.  Buried 11th December 1823 in St. Mary Northgate, Canterbury, Kent.  Married Prudence Gafee on 14th February 1787 in St. Leonard's Shoreditch.
  • Great-Grandparents: Richard & Ann Smith.
I've not managed to trace any further back than the Richard Smith who was her great-grandfather - and I've not found any marriage for him in Shoreditch, and haven't tracked down a burial for him (I've a number of candidates, but none that jump out as obviously him), and given how common the surname is you can appreciate that I've found myself a bit stuck.  Just wondering if you may have come across anything at any point that might prove useful in making headway?
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Posted: July 30, 2014
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