Not too much information, is a YDNA haplogroup I,  but here’s what’s known.

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 Mystery # 2 O Day-Adopted- Robert Smith was name of father

Not too much information, is a YDNA haplogroup I,  but here’s what’s known.

my real birth father is a Smith I have had this confirmed by the adoption agency and the full name given was Robert smith,However this is where the story becomes a little complicated as I hope to explain.
My Mother Beatrice May reed had a relationship with I assume robert in 1953 when I was conceived I was born in 1954, when I was 13 my mother told me I was adopted and that my father was an American citizen she also told me that I was named afetr him as I recall, this was confirmed on the adoption forms as the birth father.
I have come to the conlclusion that my real dad was a US Serviceman possibly associated with the USAF and possibly a korean war veteran, we had several air bases around folkestone where my mother lived such as Manston, Lypme and Hawkinge.
My dad should he still be alive knows I exist as my mother told me he has held me in his arms and also that he offered my mum his hand in marriage, but she declined as she did not want to relocate to the States.
then subsequently met my step father Sidney Robert Cloke,
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Posted: June 4, 2014
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