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 YDNA Smith testers for Major Lawrence Smith 1629-1700 VA

In order to definitively prove the lineages of the various descendants of Major Lawrence Smith who was in Gloucester, York and Essex Co VA married Mary (Debnam?), we at the Smith DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA wish to encourage direct line male Smiths to do a YDNA test. The sons of Lawrence are, according to William and Mary Quarterly Vol 9 #1 

  1. John Smith b 1653 Gloucester C VA d 1720 Spotsylvania Co VA m Martha Butcher
  2. Charles Smith b c 1655 Gloucester Co VA d 1710 Caroline Co VA m Dorothy Peyton
  3. Lawrence Smith b 1657 Gloucester Co VA d 1739 York Co  VA m Mildred Chisman
  4. Augustine Smith b 1666 Gloucester Co VA d 1736 Henrico Co VA m Susannah Walters 
  5. William Smith b 1687 Gloucester Co VA d 1734 Spotsylvania Co VA m (speculative Elizabeth Ballard)

There are other children in this line, daughters, and we also encourage autosomal testers to participate and supply a lineage.

If you are a male Smith, or you are a female that has male Smith kin or some other male Smith  that could do a YDNA test for this line, please consider doing so.

For Major Lawrence Smith, we would like at least one tester from each son, if found, to prove the line. 

We also, in the effort to be as accurate as possible, invite those who believe they have a solid paper trail with sources going to Major Lawrence Smith from any child, to send the tree to 

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Posted: April 20, 2018
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Lawrence Smith

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