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 Smiths and Hayes Research Information

Posting for Bob Baird

I’m in the middle on a lengthy project to sort out the various Hays/Hayes families of 18th century Virginia and North Carolina whose lineages have been the subject of so many bad conclusions.  My method for this kind of project is to first collect the raw records, then to piece together the lineages.  I organized the Hayes records chronologically by county, so that each county will get a webpage.  When finished they will each look something like this file — which I mention because it includes some data on the wife of a Richard Smith of 17th century Surry County, VA:

For Northampton County, NC I have two webpages in draft form of perhaps 15 printed pages each of abstracted records (that I read from the originals) covering roughly 1740 to 1810 — split into two pages because there were two groups of Hayes families there who do not appear to be related.


In the northeastern part of the county came two apparent brothers, Samuel Hayes and Joshua Hayes, settling literally on the Virginia line in 1743 then moving a few miles southwest onto Corduroy and Wildcat Swamps a few years later.  Joshua Hayes removed to Granville County about 1762 but Samuel remained in Northampton.  One of Samuel's sons was John Hayes, who bought land adjoining his father from William Faison in 1779 — the same land mentioned in Herod Faison’s 1815 will — and who died  by 5 September 1785 when Sarah Hays was appointed administratrix of his estate. Herod Faison was later guardian of the three Hayes children, one of who did not survive childhood.

I do have a Smith in my tree — doesn’t everyone — but I know nothing about them.  I think that Jane Davis who left a will dated 6 Dec 1839 in Troup County, Georgia was the daughter of a James and Frances Smith.  I have never pursued that particular connection.

My main website is  (The Hayes material is not there yet.)  -from Bob Baird

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Posted: April 11, 2018
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